Ladies, we have a winner.

Forewarning: when it comes to politics, I get very heated and opinionated... just for the record. Continue on my readers, and you shall see.

So... Obama chose Biden. And McCain choses... a woman named Sarah Palin? What the heck! I'm shocked... extremely shocked. I was driving Hannah and Matthew to school this morning when Rick and Bubba mentioned how there was a rumor going around about the governor of Alaska getting picked for Veep. Me, being doubting me, thought they were smoking some funny stuff... but I get home, and it's all over Fox News.

And sure enough... ladies, we have a woman on the Republican ticket when the Dems are supposed to be "pro-choice" and power to the woman! Eat your words, Barack and co. I hope you regret that decision you made over the past few weeks.
I'm very impressed, to be honest. I was not sold on McCain at all because I know someone who's worked with him, and golly... I'm sold now. A pro-life, mom of 5 kids (one with downs), who's a member of the NRA? WOW!

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