The Pros of My Town

Earlier I saw on Fox Business that the Rocket City is thriving in this failure of an economy. Who knew. Even though shops are going out of business left and right here, we're still booming. I guess we can give credit to government and military for that.

I learned another interesting fact yesterday in physical science about this city.

People want our town to become as big as Birmingham. Huntsville's not known for a towering skyline, we have restrictions and such. Well I thought it was just because the city's ordinances are ridiculous. Apparently not.

Little did I know that downtown Hickville Huntsville is located right on top of a big limestone cave. Hence, there's a weight limit to buildings. The courthouse (which is very
ugly, by the way) has a bunch of support systems underground that were built for support. Again, who knew? And who would be that brave to go underground and do all that work? Not I.

So I guess living in a city known as Geek Town pays off in the long run. I'm not kidding when I say that you can point out engineers left and right here. No, sadly, they don't look like the stereotypical engineer... ya know, like this:
If they did, you know I would get too much amusement out of it.

I wonder if people dressed like this... would we get MORE business? Or less? Hmm.



Ever felt like life is just layering more and more crap on you and feels like it will never let up? I sure do. Here's why:
  1. After not having worked Tuesday and Thursday nights at Gymboree for the past couple of months, I told Jason's to schedule me since I appreciate having money for gas and such. Only with my luck would I be informed that I was working tomorrow night at Gymboree- when I'm supposed to be training someone at Jason's. Gets better...
  2. I'm personally sick of Gymboree because after making it clear as ice to my store manager that I'd love to be an assistant manager or sales leader several times, I found out the chick who got hired at the same time as me last year got promoted to position I expressed a desire for... Only I found this out when we were putting new line out and she opened the cash drawer... only mangers/sales leaders can do that. Management never even asked if I'd like the position; in fact, I doubt they even considered me.
  3. I feel like the assistant manager (who has the store manager and district manager wrapped around her fingers) is setting up her own team/pulling strings/playing favorites with the entire store. It's obvious the other girl was promoted for more than just her productiveness...
  4. I love how the store manager told me she wished she could use me more, but since I got a second job she can't. Dear Mrs. DG: I got a second job because I wasn't getting hours to begin with. It wasn't my "F*%* you" to the company.
  5. Upon all this b.s. is my work schedule at Jason's for the past two weeks.
  6. Not to mention my 3 tests this week that I haven't even GLANCED over.
  7. oh, and my attention level's at a big fat 0.
Add all this to one girl's life and she feels like the dumps.

Not Me! Monday

Since my life has not been crazy this week at all, I am not writing this 15 minutes before I have to get ready for work. No, I do not push my buttons at all.

Last week, I did not work Monday thru Sunday every.day and do not work today thru Saturday nonstop. Add that up and that is not 13 days in a row!

My mom did not just tell me that we could watch America's Newsroom on Fox News this morning because I think any man who looks like Bill Hemmer can tell me the news anytime. Ok, I do not think he's handsome...

I did not make a run to Walgreens last night since my sister lost a tooth and my dad (who's on a business trip to CA right now) had a great idea(sarcasm) to suggest that the Tooth Fairy might get her a beanie baby. Great one, dad. But I didn't remember this until I was 5 miles past Walgreens and had to turn around. Mind you, it was 11 at night and they were the only place open- I had no options! And I do not want to apologize to the guy who rang me up because I probably didn't smell like Jason's Deli.

I haven't decided that my mind must shut off after clocking out because I didn't forget a promise to my Sunday School kids that I'd bring a treat because they were good last Sunday. I didn't remember until 11:30 Saturday night so I didn't end up running to Publix on my way to church. And I didn't walk by the drink cooler and turn back around to grab a Frappucino-in-a-bottle because a) I needed it and b)it'd give me something to drink during fellowship time at church because the coffee supplied doesn't taste like absolute crap. Ahem. Oh, and I didn't rub it in a family friend's face either... because I'm nice.

Have a great Monday, y'all. Please keep Stellan in your prayers as he's taken a turn for the worst and his doctors are trying to form a new plan this morning.


Quite the Entrance

Thanks to Ashley tweeting this, I just watched it. I'm almost positive that if I did this at my wedding, my pastors wouldn't perform the ceremony :D but I love this with all my heart, it's cute. And probably something I'd want to happen if I was that much in love.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Somehow, I woke up at 3 this morning. My dad thumping around the house getting ready for a business trip most likely had something to do with that. Did I go back to sleep? Of course not. As much as I tried, all attempts to go back to sleep were unsuccessful. My body's just ridiculous like that.

So, as I lied awake and stared at the ceiling I thought I'd take a mid-morning nap before class. That would be unsuccessful since mom apparently has a hair appointment and someone has to watch my evil siblings until our family friends get here to go to the pool- at 11:30. My class is at 12:30. So then my next thought was skip class and sleep. Again, not gonna happen since I sort of need to go to class so I don't get behind. Once that's over, I have an hour and a half to kill before I have to go to work. Ugh! Not to mention I'm closing at work. Insert double grunt of frustration here.

I tried all remedies to go to sleep: read the news, Facebook, Twitter (so glad I've deleted my account on Myspace.) However, getting on the computer seemed to wake me up. So I read some of Pride and Prejudice (I seriously don't remember the last time it took me this long to read a 300 page book.) Problem is I already read the hysterical proposal of Mr. Collins and am resisting the urge to skip to the end just to get myself a dose of Proposal from Mr. Darcy, take 2.

Speaking of which, I was in math Tuesday reading my book (my brain had shut off all possibilities of learning by this time) and unknowingly came upon the chapter of Mr. Collin's proposal. Before I could shut the book I was stifling laughter, specifically when he says, " I am not now to learn that it is usual with young ladies to reject the addresses of the man whom they secretly meant to accept, when he first applies for their favor; and that sometimes the refusal is repeated a second or even a third time."

I find so much humor in that; in fact I pursed my lips together so nothing would peep out of me. To his credit, he was quite persistent. But I honestly think that is my favorite part.


Survey Survey

Here's how it works: USE ONLY ONE WORD!
It's not as easy as you might think. Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to use only one-word answers. Thanks to Meg for tagging me!


Where is your cell phone? downstairs.
Your hair? ponytail.
Your mother? chauffeuring
Your father? working.
Your favorite food? pasta.
Your dream last night? frustrating 
Your favorite drink? coke
Your dream/goal? graduating
What room are you in? mine
Your hobby? reading
Your fear? snakes
Where do you want to be in 6 years? traveling
Where were you last night? work
Something that you aren't? trashy
Muffins? blueberry
Wish list item? Macbook
Where did you grow up? everywhere
Last thing you did? learned
What are you wearing? pajamas
Your TV? big
Your pets? Non-existent
Friends? silly
Your life? constant
Your mood? relaxes
Missing someone? no
Vehicle? Aurora
Something you are not wearing? Shoes?
Your favorite store? Target!
Your favorite color? pink
When was the last time your laughed? today
Last time you cried? A while
Your best friend? J
One place that I go over and over? work
One person who emails me regularly? blogger
Favorite place to eat? P.F. Chang's


I Love to Tweet

I've become an obsessed Tweeter these days. Maybe obsessed is the wrong word, but I'm definitely on there a lot, whether on my cell phone or my laptop. I guess it's my ONE place where I can privately vent about things or just be goofy and not feel horrible for it. Today I vented about people who use Mrs./Miss incorrectly; another was how people write "OMG I'm first to comment!" on blogs and fan sites on Facebook. That's just annoying people (granted on the Vera Bradley page, it's middle school girls, so MAYBE it'll stop once they go back to school.)

I can keep my fingers crossed.

But anyway, yes, I love Twitter. I can have girl talk on there with friends so that the world CANNOT read it, even though it's hard to keep it under 140 characters. I have a hard time with that; this is where I get my 5 different updates, but they're all linked with ellipses (these … things.) Come to think of it, I need a shirt that says "I heart …" Kinda cute, maybe I can Google one.

So that's my thought of the day. Maybe if I get that shirt I can shout "OMG I'm first!" Yes, when my elementary students yell this at each other, I need to get creative on how to stop it.



Not Me! Monday

Even though some of MckMama's followers are sharing about what their children didn't do last week, I'm sticking to the norm seeing as I'm child-free and all :)

I haven't been all Twitter for the last hour chatting/laughing with friends about life and boys who too readily commit to a future together.

I'm not at Starbucks writing this post when I should be completing a take home precalculus test that is not due tomorrow.

I did not find this crazy picture on my camera last week. This is where I have to love my brother.

I did not close Pride and Prejudice last night after getting completely frustrated over Mr. Wickham. Yes, I am aware that it's a book for Pete's sake and would never get frustrated over an antagonist in a book that I've read before. Not to mention that I can't not remember how many times I haven't watched the BBC production.

I am not dreading the week since I am not working six days in a row. Keep in mind I didn't work a ton last week.

I am not counting down to the day I get my Bachelor's in Elementary Education so I can {finally} relax and not hate school. But on the upside, I did not get a 94 on my physical science test.

What did y'all not do last week?



What I’d Give for 19th Century Style Dating

Ok. I'm having a serious case of writer's block. I love to write, but my thoughts and ideas are dwindling. I need something to write about but my brain's just not functioning. So tonight's topic: dating.

According to some people, my thoughts and writing style are similar to Carrie's in Sex and the City. To me, that is a huge complement (and yes, I am aware that it is fictional.) No, you won't see anything raunchy or explicit on my blog- people from my church read this, not to mention my mom. It's not even like I have those kinds of stories to begin with. I have to laugh because I have so many horror stories about dating and I haven't even really dated for that long, only a couple years. I love being single, being who I am, going to bed at 10 without any guy bugging me, etc. In fact, last month I resisted ranting on here about a recent experience that went way sour and things didn't turn out for the better like some people ass-u-me-d expected.

To be honest, I'm glad the sour visit happened because it definitely opened my eyes for what I should expect in the dating world. You're going to have those guys that are distant; too clingy; too romantic; too realistic; too pig headed; too metrosexual; too self absorbed; guys who are more feminine than you; too emotional; too weak… you get my point. So far I've had all of these- even one that spit out my Starbucks when he tasted it and compared it to pond water. Yes, really. As my mom said, that was just asking to be kicked to the curb.

The other day I was in my mopey state where I thought I was doomed to be single. One of my friends has a new boyfriend, there's all these couples around me, another of my friends just got engaged or something like that (I'll know the full story when I go to work tomorrow.) I've coffee-dated and straight up dated several men (to be honest, I don't keep count and there's more than ten I think) but none of them have "clicked" with me. It's safe to say they were all Christians; yet some were too busy, some expected too much, some were shady, and overall, nothing ever came out of them except lessons learned.

For example: never date a guy who used to sell dope, even if he did have a life-altering event Christmas Eve where he bargained with God
(and yes, I had issues with that but didn't say anything.)

Anyway! So I was feeling pitiful when I actually read an email I got from Boundless. There was a link to the blog of a woman who wrote about her story about meeting her fiancée. She had a smorgasbord of experiences in the dating world. Even though some guys were good guys, they never clicked. That is, until the barista became her husband. Reading that was a major relief for me. I thought, "oh good, so I'm not doing something wrong."

I was telling my friend who's in a relationship now that I don't have time for a boyfriend. Really, I don't. I mean, I could fit one in during the two weeks I'm off school, but once my fall semester starts, my life's going to be crazy. She joked with me that's when a guy will show up. I just looked at her and said that wasn't funny. And right then, I swear to you, a guy my hair stylist tried to fix me up with walked into the café at Barnes and Nobel and stopped to say hey. I thought in my mind, "God… that's just not funny at all." He falls in the "too busy, too distant" category. The guy, not God.

I'm reading Pride and Prejudice right now and I love the way Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's story is written. As much as I hate to say it, the thought of marrying a guy who used to drive me up a wall is hysterical. I love the way Elizabeth carries herself. I'm practically in love with Darcy (and I can't help it if Colin Firth's image is in my head when I read) because he could care less about what everyone thinks. He has it bad for Lizzy, too, which again, I adore. But he doesn't pull the clingy card, he plays her game. Again, I like that. And personally, Mr. Collins and Wickham are cracking me up right now- those guys fall under the "don't give the time of day to those characters" category. Reading this paragraph makes me feel like I'm in "You've Got Mail."

To be honest, the courting thing doesn't sound bad now that I think about it. But if I didn't date, I wouldn't have any funny stories and thoughts for my blog.




My Life in a Tote

Earlier today I picked up my purse and thought it was awfully heavy. So I was wondering just what the heck was in there to make it so heavy?

I had this great idea to dump out the contents, lay them out flat, and take a picture, just so I (and my readers) can see just what this girl totes around. I mean, it seriously feels like five bricks are in there.

So just what on earth is in my new Vera Bradley tote?

1. Hair clip
2. pens
3. wallet
4. TI-83 calculator for math
5. checkbook
6. sunglasses
7. two headbands (as if one isn't enough)
8. hand cream (made from goat's milk, MckMama would be proud)
9. Vera Wang Princess lotion (in case I need to smell good)
10. cosmetic case
11. keys
12. USB drive
13. Burts' Bees chapstick
14. eyedrops for my eye
15. cell phone

and last but not least

16. Pride and Prejudice

Call me Rory if it suits you... and if no one gets that reference, that's ok. I'll forgive y'all just this once for not seeing that episode of Gilmore Girls. Yes, I did Google that up just for my pleasure/mentality/your info.

And clearly, I need a twelve step program for Vera Bradley. But that's just me. First step is admitting, right?


Not Me! Monday

This weekly blog carnival is the creation of MckMama, where everyone shares what they did didn't do last week. Go to her blog to see what she didn't do.

I am not so lazy that I almost didn't post Not Me! Monday this morning. Since I was up until 12:30 last night after getting home from Gymboree, I didn't feel like a mummy when I woke up a few minutes ago. But no worries, I have my coffee next to me so it's a tad bit better.

Last week, when one of my managers at Jason's Deli asked for my new availability, I didn't tell him to put me down for Tuesday and Thursday night, too. It's not like Gymboree hasn't scheduled me for nights in weeks, which has left me irritated... but let's keep this one a happy one!

Speaking of Jason's, I did not crack up when someone found my blog by Googling "Jason's Deli bagelini calories." It was linked to some hospital up in New Jersey. Well let me tell you, it doesn't have any calories (ha, yeah right.) I also didn't laugh when another person when they Googled "my car keeps making a bubbly sound when i start it." I didn't laugh at all because I cannot help in that department at all.

I didn't wake up Friday morning with an eye that was so red everyone at work noticed. I didn't get questions about whether or not I was high, had a rough night, or had pink eye. I didn't ignore ALL suggestions until Saturday morning and I woke up with a very crappy looking right eye. So I didn't go to urgent care, didn't get eyedrops that I've been addicted to, and definitely didn't get mad when the nurse told me I had to throw out all my eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Nope, not me.

I wasn't giddy and excited when I was handed my precalculus test that had 93 written on it. Apparently, others in my vicinity didn't have such a high number on their test. Oops.

What did y'all not do last week?


Where's Mr. Darcy When You Need Him?

Yesterday was my "fun" day. It was my day off work (which I was glad for) but involved: an eye, a doctor, a church meeting that left me frustrated, a trip to Publix, and getting addresses and roll put together for my Sunday School class.


Ok, so... let's start with the eye. Friday morning I woke up with an eye that matches the color of my shirt that I'm wearing right now ( a pink UAB shirt.) Only add a hint of red. Everyone at work asked what was wrong with my eye; I replied "I have no clue, I woke up this way." Someone suggested pink eye... but I didn't believe them. That is, until I woke up yesterday morning with stuff in my eye and all. Off to urgent care I went. Thanks to a man who broke his ribs, went crazy on the nurse for "hanging up on him", and was pissed at the thought of getting in an ambulance to be transported to the huge hospital downtown so he could be admitted for said broken ribs, I had to wait for two hours.

But that was ok, because in those two hours, I read six chapters of Pride and Prejudice by the lovely Jane Austen and fell in love with Mr. Darcy for the umpteenth time. Love that man. Except when the nurse came in my room to discharge me, I got ticked. Why? I had to throw out ALL my eye makeup. Eyeliner, mascara, etc. And I can't wear eye makeup for the next 5 days. I feel naked without my mascara.

So after the doctor, finding out my pharmacist and I have the same birthday (with years in between us) while dropping off my prescription, it was off to the meeting regarding Sunday School. It went ok, until my nemesis showed up and opened her mouth. UGH. This lady is a thorn in my side; when she was informed that her class was going to be split, all hell broke loose. She was ticked to say the least. I kindly informed her that I had about 9 kids promoting into her class and that she would need to have it split. That didn't make things any better. To be honest, this woman is stubborn and set in her ways. I want to just keep all my soon-to-be first graders so that everything just stays quiet.

Then we had to think up a project for the classes. What should be easy was anything but. The majority of us thought that a local project would be perfect this year. Previous years we have done stuff for missionaries, but the little kids have a hard time with that for multiple reasons. So we thought that raising money for a donation to the rescue mission that bought our old campus would be right up everyone's alley. However, The Nemesis made that difficult too. I left feeling frustrated and vented to mom the minute I got home.

I have to thank the guys at the car place for making my day though. They cracked me up while changing my oil :) there's a super cute guy there and he joked with me that he wasn't going to get near my car since I had pink eye. I told him I got drugs so it was all good... what he didn't know was that I hadn't picked them up yet...

after that I went and bought myself new makeup, washed my makeup brushes, went to the store, came home and opened Excel to make a whole list of addresses, birthdays, and such.

Such a fun day, right? Insert tongue in cheek. It would've been nice to have a Mr. Darcy around to make it all better, but that's ok :)


Ten things about me... can I do it? Maybe.

I'm going into my third year in college; I guess you could say I'll be a junior. However, it doesn't feel like that at all whatsoever. It's kind of crazy to think about and makes me feel very old. Even though I'm definitely NOT.

I'm a sucker for books. Hand a book to me and I'll read it anytime. In fact, it's often cause me some problems regarding something called procrastinating school work. I've had deja vu with a few books lately; by the 10th page or so, it occurs to me that I've already read whatever book it is.

Target is my absolute favorite store of all time. In second is Barnes and Noble. Oh and Starbucks, but that's not really a store. Or is it? Hmm.

I was born into the Air Force and lived that way for 17 years. I've visited about 35 states. Never been outside the continental United States (ever.) I've moved too many times to remember. Well, I could count it but I'm too lazy to do that. I have a sister who's 7 and a brother who's 5. Yes, we are spaced apart. No, it was not on purpose.

I'm often on Facebook way too much. I only visit 4 websites, really. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Fox News. Unless I'm in an inquisitive mood- then I'm on Google. Gotta love Google :)

I'm not searching for my Prince Charming right now; I'm living the single life and loving every single moment of it (ups, downs, and all.) It's how I learn what I do/don't like.

I teach Sunday School and work in my church's nursery. It's where I spread my love for kids :) it's what made me decide that I wasn't meant to be a nurse and that teaching was where my heart is; hence my major.

I love black and white photos. I love photographs that aren't posed, too.

I've always wanted to go to Italy since... well I can't remember. I told y'all I think I'm some part Italian, right? Why? I love the food, culture, everything about it. And the men are just a bonus ;) kidding!

Last but not least... chocolate is my weakness. Any form of chocolate is guaranteed to win me over- preferably milk chocolate though. Along with coffee. I love Starbucks, Peets, and Dunkin' Donuts. Yummers. And thank you, Publix, for carrying all three!

Now's the part where I'm supposed to tag people. Yikes!

Ok, EVERYONE ELSE has done this. So there's no one to tag. Darnit!

Another Google Hit

my car keeps making a bubbly sound when i start it

Meet how someone stumbled upon my blog this morning. Someone in Leighton Buzzord, Bedfordshire, Great Britain visited my blog for a whopping 12 seconds...

So sorry I didn't have the answer to their question. I'm sad!


Women with Children

side note: no, I do not have children. Nor am I married. Just thought I'd let my new readers know now.

This is the second part in the "Let's Talk" series at my church. We were corrected mid-discussion that it was Women with Children not Married with Children. Honestly, if you have kids in our church, 9 times out of 10 you're married. Anyway.

The discussion was great. Not as long as last time, but that's ok. We got a glimpse into the leader's life when she drew out all the people she had to be in contact with, not including her family. Let me tell you, my first thoughts were "woah... baby." She has a lot on her plate (she has five children ranging from preschool to middle school.)

We didn't realize emphasize anything specifically. We briefly covered the primary relationship (besides God) which should be the husband, even though, sadly, a lot of couples don't prioritize that way anymore (look at Jon and Kate Gosselin.) Another topic covered was never ever degrade your spouse/siblings to others unless it's a mature person and spoken in confidence... otherwise, you're doomed. And you shouldn't be degrading them to begin with, just well, venting. *forgot that part.* We should always have a wiser confidant (see 1 Timothy 2:3-6... dang I'm proud of myself for remembering that!) to receive instruction, wisdom, and correction from.

(I told y'all this is good stuff.)

Don't make idols out of your kids. Ever. An older lady in the group told how one of her students broke down one day because he was so exhausted from all his extracurricular activities that were brought on by his mother, not him. He was in 5th grade. Sad, isn't it? We talked about why moms seems to put their kids on a pedastal as if to say, "hey, I'm a great mom. Johnny has straight As, is in band, quarterback on the football team, etc." You get the picture. We do this not for our kids, but for ourselves. I'll be honest, I was sort of like "well duh..." I know, I'm not a mom but still...

So even though I'm not a mom and definitely nowhere near getting married, this is good stuff to know. Ya know, for future reference and all.


In other news, I had to take my Tweets off my sidebar. After finding that one of my followers's body parts right in my face today (I never paid attention to just who/what was following me) I had to go private.. since I saw theirs. Gross. I immediately changed my settings after that grotesque sight. But if you click on the link, you go to my page, you just have to ask if you can follow me. In twitterland, not real life.

Anywho, I'm off to bed :) Hope y'all had a great Tuesday!


Not Me! Monday

Feeling guilty for watching Hannah Montana when you're supposed to be doing your math homework? Oh wait, that's me. I mean, not. Oops! Anyway, it's Monday again. Not Me! Monday to be exact; the day where all MckMama's Wolverines follow her lead and admit to what we didn't do last week.

Last week, I was not embarassed to be pieces when my mom showed up to work with balloons the size of the Pacific Ocean. My managers did not get a crack up out of it at all whatsoever.

I did not post a rant last night about anything and everything that could pop into my head; see I wasn't avoiding my homework and wasn't annoyed with everything on the planet practically.

I didn't get burned like no tomorrow on Friday when I was at the pool fro 11 to 3:30. My mom did not compare me to Rudolph and even the old man at Publix didn't say something about my burn.

Anywho, I suppose I will go do my homework now after procrastinating... again. Hope y'all have a great week!


Resisting the Soap Box

This chica has a slew of things to get out... but is resisting. Ok not really...

  • I think our government is getting a tad too big in the britches. Seriously. I'm becoming big on small government.
  • I'm sick of hearing about Michael Jackson, his ODing, lottery for his memorial... I'm sorry, but he should be in his grave already; I can't believe he's not pushing daisies yet. Yes, I mean that respectfully, even though it really doesn't sound like it.
  • Jon and Kate need their space. I honestly thought that they'd get it with the King of Pop passing away but obviously not... who cares how they spent their 4th?
  • I don't recommend procrastinating eight sections of Precalculus homework when it's due in two days... yes, my bad. Just thought I'd warn y'all.
  • Some people need to grow up and not throw pity parties all over their Facebook pages... telling people your life is on the line after reporting crack addicts is one thing; stating that you don't have a girlfriend anymore... oh puh-lease.

That's all for now, folks. Not Me! will be up tomorrow. I have a feeling this will be mentioned ;)


Happy Birthday, Beautiful

Since it was my birthday and all a couple days ago, tonight I decided to redeem my birthday gift from the most miraculous store of all stores, Sephora. Ever since having my breath taken away the first time I walked into the store at the age of 12, I've sort of been in awe of this place. Hats off to whoever thought up getting only the best makeup in the whole.wide.world under one roof. Or on one site, however you shop/look at it/prefer.

In fact, when people say, "what's Sephora?" I just look at them... and walk away. Because honestly, who doesn't know about Sephora?

ahem. Moving on.

Where was I? Oh, so because I'm on the insider's list (I get points for shopping, etc.) they sent me a birthday gift. A freebie. The catch? Getting Lauren onto the site, that's what. They know that I'm a sucker. They know that their "insiders" will shop when just going for that one freebie.

So I got the Stila Pearl set for way cheaper than it's claimed worth is... again, claimed. And some primer from Bare Escentuals. Then my three freebies on top of my birthday gift (three sample sized lip glosses.)

This girl was going nuts on the site. Oh the decisions... at least I decided, right?


One Score Down, Many to Go

it's official- I'm 20 now. Weird feeling.

Since yesterday I had work and class, celebrations didn't occur- except for my mom coming by Jason's with HUGE balloons. Ginormous is probably a better word for it. Anyway. She showed up with them and embarassed me big time. Somehow I crammed them in my car when I came home- still not sure how I pulled that one off.

When I got home, my sister informed me that I could not look in the kitchen because my cake was cooling off and I was forbidden from seeing it. Now this was hard because the entryway from the garage opens up into the kitchen- I got a glimpse but had to go with it because sis gets ticked when you ruin her plans (she's a lot like me.)

So we're doing the celebration tonight. I'm debating between Carrabba's or P.F. Chang's. I love them both. It's a hard decision. I'm leaning more towards Carrabba's because I swear, somewhere in the mix of German, Scottish, Polish, whatever I am... I'm part italian because I love italian food (not just the staple pasta and such.)

In the mean time, much thanks to Faith for my brownie cake- the girl knows me well. Ditto to Jess... she got me some triple chocolate confection from the southern side of Bama that made my mouth salivate at first sight. The new purse and wallet arrived yesterday too! And I made a trip to my local Barnes and Noble in search of a Nicholas Sparks book and (ah hah!) found several that have yet to be blessed by me. I bought The Guardian last night. So far, so good.

Anywho, off I go to blow the whistle on my siblings. They're arguing about something I'm sure. Mom ran away for a couple hours to get some sanity. Can't say I blame her, honestly.