One Score Down, Many to Go

it's official- I'm 20 now. Weird feeling.

Since yesterday I had work and class, celebrations didn't occur- except for my mom coming by Jason's with HUGE balloons. Ginormous is probably a better word for it. Anyway. She showed up with them and embarassed me big time. Somehow I crammed them in my car when I came home- still not sure how I pulled that one off.

When I got home, my sister informed me that I could not look in the kitchen because my cake was cooling off and I was forbidden from seeing it. Now this was hard because the entryway from the garage opens up into the kitchen- I got a glimpse but had to go with it because sis gets ticked when you ruin her plans (she's a lot like me.)

So we're doing the celebration tonight. I'm debating between Carrabba's or P.F. Chang's. I love them both. It's a hard decision. I'm leaning more towards Carrabba's because I swear, somewhere in the mix of German, Scottish, Polish, whatever I am... I'm part italian because I love italian food (not just the staple pasta and such.)

In the mean time, much thanks to Faith for my brownie cake- the girl knows me well. Ditto to Jess... she got me some triple chocolate confection from the southern side of Bama that made my mouth salivate at first sight. The new purse and wallet arrived yesterday too! And I made a trip to my local Barnes and Noble in search of a Nicholas Sparks book and (ah hah!) found several that have yet to be blessed by me. I bought The Guardian last night. So far, so good.

Anywho, off I go to blow the whistle on my siblings. They're arguing about something I'm sure. Mom ran away for a couple hours to get some sanity. Can't say I blame her, honestly.


mrosev14 said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Oh I love both the restaurants you are choosing from one, I'd end up flipping a coin!

I hope you have an excellent day (both yesterday and today) and I want to see a picture of this ginormous balloon!

Hannah Noel said...

Happy happy birthday to you!!!
I looooovvve P.F. Changs!