Not Me! Monday

From the furnace that I call helliciously hot home I am writing the musings of what I did not do this week. By not, I mean I really did, but I "didn't." Get it? Gotta thank crafty MckMama (who made it into a Beantown newspaper yesterday) for thinking these things up.

I didn't breathe a sigh of relief when my mom informed me that I had internet added on to my phone plan. I totally had not been relapsing to my old ways and was not using the internet that costs an arm and a leg without the unlimited data package. No, not I.

I did not giggle when the creep in CIS had to switch seats. Why you ask? The lady who sits on the other side of him put her purse in his seat and ignored him when he looked at the seat, then at her. I did not say "praise the Lord" when he moved to another computer. That's a mean thing to do, so I would not do that. I can hear Gomer Pyle now saying, "what a mean thing, what a mean thing to do." Hillbilly accent and all.

I did not want to go into fits of laughter yesterday morning in Sunday School when M's buddy Samuel answered a very... complex question I asked the class. We were learning about Lazarus, but I opened the lesson talking about friends and what they mean to us. I asked what they would do if their friend's relative died. Samuel (he's so sweet) raised his hand and I called on him. He said he would just get a new friend. At first, I did not think "yes, you are a man" then want to laugh at his answer. So I did not say, "ok..." Then it was not pointed out to me by the other teacher that he thought I meant if his friend died what would he do. It did not then become ten times clearer for me and the kids thought it was hysterical when I said "OH!" They told me I was silly. Which, they were right wrong.

While getting a tan and doing my math homework courtesy of my local Starbucks' patio yesterday afternoon, I did not take joy in seeing 2 cars get pulled over in the span of 20 minutes. No, not I. It did not entertain me.

Finally, I am not cursing Ricky Bobby in my head for not showing up to fix the A/C so we aren't living in a furnace anymore. His name really isn't Ricky Bobby, but he has the nastiest mullet and is a stereotypical country bumpkin for you, so somehow, we started calling him Ricky Bobby. Will Ferrel looks hotter than him. I hope that tells y'all something. Sometimes I miss the North. Mullets are foreign concepts up there.

I'm still not thinking about moving in with these guys. Even my brother told mom the same thing at a separate time the other day.

Yes, those are my new, soon-to-be neighbors. Kidding. Anyway, hope y'all have a great week. Keep Stellan in your thoughts, he could get the thumbs up to go back to the Thawed Out Tundra today :)


I'm It!

8 Things I am looking forward to:
  1. going to GA this summer (notice there's no maybe)
  2. transferring to Athens State one day
  3. getting my tan on (it's 82 right now :D )
  4. possibly moving to Orlando and getting away from H'ville for a while
  5. having this rough semester behind me
  6. not taking Probability and Statistics anymore
  7. someday getting my room clean
  8. having our A/C fixed

8 Things I did yesterday (this could be hard)

  1. woke up
  2. made breakfast
  3. cleaned the back porch (white porches suck)
  4. got dressed
  5. went to Publix for groceries (I'm the part time grocery slave)
  6. sat on the newly cleaned back porch
  7. took a nap
  8. went out w/ Jessica

8 Things I wish I could do

  1. live on the beach- I could hear the waves whenever I wanted to
  2. the ability to have rain with the snap of a finger- listening to rain is super relaxing
  3. live in a spa
  4. not have to work (but then I'd get bored)
  5. read a book every single day non-stop for the rest of my life
  6. jump right into teaching without going to school for 5 years (although these days it feels like 20)
  7. not wish that I was a size 0 every day
  8. speak a foreign language fluently

8 Shows I watch on TV*

  1. Desperate Housewives
  2. Brothers and Sisters
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Jon and Kate Plus 8
  5. American Idol
  6. Grey's Anatomy
  7. The Office
  8. Samantha Who?

*there are lots of other shows, too. This was all at the top of my head, though.

8 People I tag...

  1. Faith @ Faithfully Yours
  2. Mom @ Kanga's Corner
  3. Zach @ If my life were on paper...
  4. Renee @ Fields of Gold
  5. Susan @ Miles to Go...
  6. Ruby @ Here Comes the Sun
  7. Hannah Noel @ That Girl
  8. Dee Dee @ Pre-Empty Nest Soccer Mom

Now that this is done... I'm gonna go find a cold place to live in. I wonder if there's an Emperor Penguin exhibit around here... that's how much I'm burning up thanks to the broken A/C in the 82 degree weather.


Battle of the Shoes

My patience has been tried today- and it's only 7:53 am according to my computer. Battling a 5 year old over his shoes is not recommended for anyone's morning regimine. School mornings are always rough for some reason. H, my sister, is always good about getting ready (well, most of the time.) M on the other hand... not so much. Granted, H has done this for 2 years, going on 3 this fall. M hasn't- he used to lay around all morning in his pjs so we're still breaking that habit.

It all started when he came down in shorts and a shirt- completely fine. Until I saw he had dark navy socks in his hand. That's where the trouble all began. His fashion style isn't the best, it mimicks my dad's but even dad doesn't wear that! All 3 girls in the family are trying to teach Fashion 101 to M, but it seems lately, he needs some Fashion 911. Yes, I am aware he's 5. Then he wanted to wear these slip on shoes that are ridiculous looking and way too big and were handed down to us from our neighbor. M was set on these shoes. Tried to peruade the Crocs... nope, he wanted the slip ons. I tried to convince him that he can wear those when he gets home from school. Again, no. After being told that the pebble rocks at WCA's playground get into his Crocs and hurt his feet, I attempted to go down the avenue of tennis shoes. Still, a no and a "fine, I'm just not going to school today!" which came with arms crossed, a pout, and plopping down next to the toy box. Sort of like this picture.

By now, mom has left to get H to school on time because she has a field trip to downtown H'ville this morning. In this craziness, I see homework on the table. Oh no... not again. H left her homework again and didn't put it in her backpack. This was icing on the cake.

Thankfully, dad was on his way to work so he was going to take M with him and drop him off at school. The battle of the shoes is still going on. Dad throws down the tennis shoes and a pair of white socks. This ticks off M even more. Somehow, after breaking a sweat, I get the shoes on thinking I've won. Oh, no no no. Now he wants his backpack, which is in mom's car. I told him to get over it, get in dad's car, I'll have H take his backpack in with her (what would we do without cell phones?) Now I've won- my prize is silence. A silent house without a screaming 5 year old. Good grief.


Meanwhile, I am admitting my bookworm-ness. I put away another Nicholas Sparks book this week. I started in on Monday and finished it Wednesday night. Riveting stuff, I tell you. Although, I've noticed his pattern, every book I've read (minus A Walk to Remember) has the same story line, only different characters and a few different sequences. Yet, I stayed up until 1 am reading the rest of The Choice because it reveals the wife is in a coma and might not wake up. In between texting Z, my eyes were watery and finally, tears started rolling. I've never had this happen to me. Ever. This was monumental.

So, I am a bookworm. I will read a book really fast if I really like it. The one I'm reading now is Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man? It's hysterical, but a lot like Bridget Jones, only it isn't Bridget.

In the meantime, y'all need to go this site if you're a Grey's junkie like I am. It's a hoot, and if you saw last night's episode, you'd totally get it :)


Relationship Rules for Facebook

What not to do when you're dumped... on Facebook.


Not Me! Monday Tuesday

Yes, I know I am not late posting this thing. I was too lazy yesterday to think up everything I had done but really "didn't do" last week to tell y'all about. It's all slowly coming back to me... I think. Thankfully, Z didn't have to bug me for it (again)!

Sunday I did not have "the Jesus in me" rush out when I had a customer 30 minutes into my shift act like a jerk. He did not require all the patience I had in the world when dealing with his complaints about charging him for a drink. I did not put on a fake smile and say, "would you like a bottled water instead?" only to want to throw water at him when he yelled that he wanted tap water not bottled water. It was all miscommunication... so much that I did not have Jesus run out of me in a single minute. And personally, I like bottled water better, so I was just upselling suggesting. Ahem.

I also did not throw out a tract that was given to me again on Sunday. For some reason, I'm guessing that since I work on Sundays, people assume I'm a heathen (newsflash: I'm not) and don't accept Christ as my Saviour (perhaps I should get my sister in on the act of saving me.) The reason I threw it out was because it really upset me because it asked "Are you a good person?" What the heck. No... no one is a "good person."

I have not not been able to put my new phone down since I got it last night. My new phone that I do not love and adore. I did not finally give in to it when dad told me that the phone I wanted required a PDA package. But the salesperson didn't swear by it so I didn't say ok and have been able to walk away from it. I did not name it Sabrina to go with Audrey (my laptop)... see the pattern or trend? If not... well... I'm sorry! And this paragraph didn't make any sense but I don't care :)

I am not more energetic now that I've cut wheat out of my system. One of the ladies at church asked me this morning if I've been feeling better and I said, "honestly, yeah I do!" I hadn't thought about it at all. Even though certain restaurants have not been annoying me, I feel ten times better than I did last week :D

Finally, I have not thought about Stellan all morning long :) I wasn't disappointed that I don't own orange so I couldn't wear it today :( but my purse has orange and my old high school shirt has orange on it, so that's my classification of "orange" today. Hang in there, baby boy, you're in our thoughts and prayers.

Update: Wait! I found some orange! Here it is! It's even my profile picture on FB!


Revelations of the Self

Life's been another snow ball lately, throwing things at me left and right. But it's going to be a ramble post, let me warn you now!

I worked like a dog this weekend it feels like. I worked Friday, Saturday, and today. I pulled an all day shift at Gymboree yesterday and got so exhausted, I shed a couple of tears in the backroom. Well, I went in at 11:45 and was mad because it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I felt gorgeous (yes, I did.) My cute yellow happy sandals do the trick, I think; but I was smart and took my Chacos for later because I knew I couldn't stand in unsupportive happy sandals for 11 hours. No siree. My dinner break comes along and I have a nutty idea to order P.F. Chang's to go. I wasn't sold on it, but seeing as everything else in Bridge Street costs and arm and a leg OR has wheat, $9 Singapore noodles were my only option. I order at 4:40. I get there at 5:10 because they've never had it ready when they say they will during previous trips. I get there and... there's no such order. I get irritated but deal with it. TG (to-go girl) puts the order in and "rushes" it. Ten minutes tops, she swears. Ahem. Fifty minutes later, after seeing people who ordered to-go after me get their order before me, I get my food. Not happy is an understatement. More like, ticked off to the point where I told every customer at Gymboree last night to not go to Chang's. Oh yes, I did. I swear.

In the midst of this chaos/peevish moment, mom texted me to say the small envelope came. I wanted to scream. My life was melting in front of me. All my plans, melting. Then, after putting the envelope to the sun and reading what's inside, she says, oh wait, they're still processing it. So this and the food situation made me cry at work. Mascara ran. It was a mess. But I calmed down. I didn't call the manager at Chang's and give him the what for and I felt better after opening my letter when I got home and reading, "Dear Lauren, your application is still waiting on the final decision and you should know by June 1st. " Yet, my pessimistic side said, "great... a week after summer classes start."

In my turmoil, I realized I'm a very pessimistic person. Somehow, I see it as half empty. Really, I swear, this is JUST donning on me. For example, my shampoo. This is the thought that went through my head Saturday morning: "man, I've already used up a 1/4 of the bottle." No kidding. Not, "hey, I have 3/4 of the bottle left." Nope.

My stubborn side is starting to reveal itself to me, too; or my blinders are coming off, not sure which. When I get something in my head, I charge forth, I go for it. Food, chocolate, new phone, chocolate, new job, Disney, a Coke, you name it, I go for it. I found out today that I'm eligible for a cell upgrade. You have no idea how much I've waited for this day. So I was set on a Blackberry Pearl. Red one, had it in my head. Sit down with my dad and he was not into it. Expensive-ish was the main reason. I looked at other phones, and after an hour, after having my hopes up, I told myself to go for the Samsung Blackjack because everyone would be happy all around, it still lets me text, it's a phone. But it was hard for me to talk myself out of it, because I had a plan in my head and the plan changed. Period; but, at least I have more color options :)

So it's been a revealing weekend for me. I'm a stubborn pessimistic woman. Wow. Go me. Don't I hate it. But. I am more in love with Kate Gosselin for the main reason following this statement: they had their "green" episode tonight, which of course, I watched. This was her statement: "we're helping the Earth, we're doing our part ... even though the Earth won't last forever and will go away sooner or later." I died laughing.


Why Disney Characters Aren't Supposed to Grow Up

Saturday Night Live - High School Musical 4

I saw this on myspace and couldn't stop laughing.

Fun/Not Fun

I have to say that taking care of skin to get the optimal, not-trashy nor fake look is hard. And is definitely not fun to find hairs that are unwanted when I am freaking 19 years old!

What is fun is seeing how long my hair is getting, how I don't have whispies falling out anymore, yet realizing I sort of need a trim. Split ends are no fun.

What is not fun is having a sister that can read everything is sight. I mean, everything. She read a bib I got for a baby shower gift and said, "little hula girl." The girl said hula y'all. In a way, it is fun though.

Not fun? Stress from figuring out school. I double scheduled myself for physical science and sociology this summer, but did it tell me that when I registered? Nope. And, to top it all off, all the distance education courses are booked up. Great.

Fun- seeing this picture at 3 am this morning to my great surprise. My phone went off with a message from Z that I oddly woke up to (never wake up to these midnight/early morning texts) that said, "look at my wall, you might see something you'll enjoy." My mind attempted to rack up things that it could possibly be. But I never expected this :) and it's not even done. Mom thought it was the prettiest thing ever.

By the way, Z, hope you don't mind me sharing :)

And for the random thought- why are 13 year olds that I'm "friends" with on Facebook in a relationship with someone else? ...Rant coming... When I was 13, sure I liked boys. But dating them? Heck no. Relationships are a big thing. A 13 year old doesn't need one. Not that they'll see this, but they're supposed to be all into Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Taylor Swift/High School Musical (like me, haha) not dating. Nail polish and fashion. Not that boy. Good grief. Sorry, that's my rant.

By the way, Stellan's off to Boston tonight/tomorrow, so keep MckMama and co. in your thoughts. Click here or on the cutest baby's picture on my blog.



The taxes are DONE! Thanks to my dad, we just finished them. For proof of it (because who in their right mind would say they did it but really didn't) I put in a picture. Notice the Starbucks cup in the background!

To make it even better, I also registered for this Summer and Fall. Lord willing, I won't be attending these classes and I'd be in Orlando, but ya never know. For more proof, again, see below.

Yes, it is true. I am 66% less stressed than I was before. The only stressful thing now is waiting on Disney's decision.

See, my life was slightly hellacious after 2 pm today (involuntarily) while I was trying to take a nap. The following events are below.

  • my phone went off three times with texts messages, right when I would doze off. Ten minutes apart, so by the time that I relaxed and was this close to sleep, it went off. Again.
  • the weather radio went off 4 times. Two were thunderstorm warnings (I figured that out w/ the thunder), two were tornado warnings that I ignored. If I don't get the phone call that it's miles away, I don't heed the warning.
  • my salon called me to tell me I had a hair appointment tomorrow. I was listening to them on the machine (yeah, I screened it from my bed, so what?) and thought surely they have the wrong Tuesday down... why would I make an appointment in the middle of nursery? So I called them back and cancelled, only to find out she's not open til May. Oh well, I'll find someone else to trim this mane. Yes, mane. I have enough hair for a lion.
  • So I gave up. Head to school. Realize that I have a check in my purse that I need to deposit (go me!) I head to the bank, rush to school. Only...
  • to find out we didn't have to come to class today (lab day.) Curse words flew around in my brain, but thankfully, the girl I sit next to didn't show so I took her seat- to leave a seat between the perve and I.
  • On my way home, I remember I need to pick up a new lightbulb for my headlamp. I discovered it was out the other night and prayed all the way home I wouldn't get pulled over. So I got that. Then hit up Starbucks because it's right next door to Advance Auto Parts. Literally, next door.
  • Started flipping out on the 3 mile drive home that I need to register for school and do my taxes. Flipping out continued. I registered. I taxed. Thankfully, my classes weren't filled up.

The End.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here's what my yard looked like Friday!

See, I didn't forget.


Not Me! Monday

Golly gee, it's already another Monday! Well, I guess I'll just have to tell y'all about what I did not do this week, right? It's a therapeutic remedy to admit to what I did do this week.
  • I did not pig out on food yesterday to the point that I feel like my stomach is out so much that I look pregnant. But I don't look pregnant and am definitely not pregnant (no seriously. I'm not.) Nor did I crack up at our family friends that came over either, especially when they started posing with the wine bottle. Nope, not me :) Such stuffing did not include 4 slices of ham, 2 servings of potatoes, 2 slices of carrot cake, not to mention lots and lots of chocolate. Again, not me.
  • I did not absolutely love the "Can/Cannots" that my Sunday School class came up with during a game yesterday morning. While it was supposed to be a solemn day where we remembered Christ's resurrection, these kids did not say such things as "I cannot stand on Samuel's head" or "I can do a backwards crab walk." Where do they not come up with such silly things?
  • I did not absolutely love my facial so much on Tuesday that I wanted to go back Wednesday for another one. By the way, I have not gone 5 days without eating wheat- cold turkey's hard :)
  • While getting my new face products on Friday, I did not debate whether or not to go ahead to the library even though the worst storm that this part of the South has encountered so far this year was 20 miles away and coming fast! Did y'all understand that sentence? It's very long and rambling now that I read it, but I don't care.
  • Oh, and while I'm at it, I totally did not interview with Disney this week for a possible spot in their college program down in Orlando (you know, Disney? Mickey Mouse? Princesses?) Heck no, not me. I'm not excited about it either (yeah right, I know you guys don't believe me.) Not like I'm counting down until the news comes in the mail, either. I'm so not funny.
Hope y'all have a great week this week :) Make sure to check in on MckMama to see what she's up to these days. She's the one who invented this silly blog topic, you know.
P.S. I am not writing this on a Sunday night OR getting mad at my blog because it's being readfully stubborn.


7:22, not to be confused with 6:21

"It sounded like seven freight trains and 22 vacuum cleaners all going at the same time," Funkhouser said Saturday as he returned to what is left of his home and neighborhood.

Allow me to elaborate on this quote I borrowed from Fox News' website. The Tennessee/Alabama state line had some, ahem, dramatic storms yesterday to say the least. I've never seen hail, but I definitely saw it yesterday. Our backyard looked like a driving range, I kid you not. I have a picture of it on my camera, I'll have to put it on later.

Anyway, up in Murfreesboro (where the quoted man lives) there were some very bad tornadoes and such. I guess you could say that's Mr. Funkhouser's description of the tornado he witnessed. Glad to know he counted how many trains and vacuums he heard. I wonder what it sounds like when it's 6 freight trains and 21 vacuums?


Not My Usual Morning

I am not having my usual morning today. I love it. After surviving horrible heartburn (that's what I get for eating pot roast at 9 last night), horrible dreams, and a thunderstorm, I decided at 6:15 this morning my plan to sleep in was doomed and that I might as well get up.

So I've spent my morning doing the following:
  • doing my sister's hair so she looks halfway decent at school (her hair drives me nuts)
  • making coffee (surprise, surprise)
  • telling my brother he's a nut
  • watching a high speed chase in California on Fox News (fun stuff)
  • telling Z to get his butt to class
  • painting my nails
  • finding irony that it's dark and depressing outside on Good Friday
  • thinking it'd be nice if Angie would call me back about where to go to do nursery (downfalls of not having an actual church building)
  • writing this blogisode
  • and finally, watching Cold Mountain

While Cold Mountain is depressing, I love the scenery, the time period, the actors... I actually like it. Now I know why it made its way to the Oscars. By the way, I should mention that I find the Oscar winners a bore, so this is rare and a shocker.

In the meantime, waiting for the letter/package from Disney is driving me nuts. It'd be nice if they could hurry up the process because I feel like I am gambling on the next 6 to 9 months of my life. I'm trying to organize a semi-decent schedule for myself in the event I don't get into Disney and have to actually go with the flow. So I can't just b.s. a schedule. It's a pain.


Wheat vs. Me

Since having the daylights lovingly,verbally shaken out of me yesterday by my amazing skin care specialist, I surrender to the hardest battle I've had in my life. The battle being my allergy to wheat/gluten. Wheat, if y'all didn't know, is in almost everything! My face was really breaking out a couple weeks ago (I told y'all that) and I looked at my facewash, and golly gee, there was wheat in it. In facewash! My new "organic" shampoo and conditioner that I switched to? Yep, you guessed it. Has gluten in it (well, oats.) But I don't have acne, thank goodness, it's just stuff trying to get out. Gross.

So. According to my specialist, my life's going to get expensive. Not super expensive, but higher prices will be unavoidable. That $4 Herbal Essence bottle of shampoo? No more for me. Nope, I'll be an Aveda spokesperson for y'all. If you need one, not that I think you do. Sarah told me that I'm a princess and that I should accept it. She showed me the skin care line she wants me to go on and I'm glad today is payday, we'll leave it at that. Since my rant last night, I've had recovery time (and actually got a decent night of sleep) so I'm not so rawr-ish today; plus I have my handy Starbucks nearby.

I've also been told to drink more water. For some reason, water is hard for me to drink alone. I guess because it has no flavor, but I have to drink more for me to get better. That's "how you wash the toxins out." Sarah said so. I'll take her word for it, since she's allergic to a lot of stuff, too.

To say this battle is easy is an understatement. I'm a very stubborn woman. My mom will attest to it. So for me to not have "mind over matter" like Sarah (the specialist, I just realized I didn't introduce her) said is hard. She knows though, thankfully, she's in my boat. We bonded over that. But while I want to have mind over matter, I have to understand there's no such thing as "mind over biology." My body doesn't like wheat, won't ever like wheat, so I have to accept it now before it completely ruins me. My mom likes to tell me if I ever want my little babies I dream of, I have to stop the wheat. It's been known to affect the fertility system.

What does help is twice this weekend, I had people come through and ask for a sandwich with no bread. I looked up and said, "not to be nosy, but why can't you have the bread?" I mean, they could have been on the Atkins diet for all I knew. But no, the girl was allergic to wheat. I mean, it happens, seeing as 1 in every 133 people have Celiac but who knew I'd run into one at Jason's? Not me. So I'm not quite that much of a freak, which is good to know.

In summary, I have to become a "label reader." So if you ever offer me something with wheat, don't be offended when I say, "no thanks." So I have my battle to fight. I have to say no to wheat (God help me, again) but at least I can still eat chocolate! Haha, see, a little sense of humor for y'all :)


Make it stop!

My life is officially hectic. My brain is running constantly and will not stop, even when I beg it to. Ever since my interview yesterday, I have many questions running, such as the following:
  • Do I register for Summer and Fall semester?
  • What if I don't register and I don't get into the program?
  • What if I do register and I get into the program?
  • How will my federal loan transfer?
  • What if I have to be down there in May?
  • When will I find out if I'm working w/ the Disney Gang?
  • Will I get along w/ my roomies?
  • Will I get my taxes done before next Thursday?
  • Why am I tired of school?
  • Why do I hate work so much?
  • Why are they hiring all the idiots of Huntsville for our store?
  • How can I make the atmosphere in Sunday School better?
  • What did I do to make my co-teacher so... edgy towards me?

Add all this up, and this is my life! Constantly thinking, whether or not I even want to. Even in my sleep I'm thinking- no joke. Mom mentioned to me earlier that I had circles around my eyes. This is how exhausted I am.

I got a facial today (thanks to mom, happy easter to me) and my skin care specialist (her words) asked if I wanted to get "uplifted" or "centered and focused." I asked her if I could get both, because both sounded wonderful and delightful. She laughed. Then she told me that I have to stop eating wheat for my skin's sake. I was then informed what I thought were breakouts are really my face trying to get rid of the toxins in my system (yeah, mom was right.) The toxins being wheat/gluten. Who knew? So now my poor skin isn't getting dried out anymore because I was gently ordered to get off the stuff that's making me become a lizard. Or some sort of reptile... Now I'm saving up to slowly go on the skincare Aveda has that's free of all "toxins" I'm allergic to. If I could make some humor out of this I would. But I can't stop thinking, which is greatly stressing me out to no end.

While I'm at it, I love that I go to a school that doesn't know diddly squat about internships. Of course, I'm probably talking to the wrong people. They know nothing about if my classes I took in Orlando would transfer or not, the advisor hadn't even heard of it until I asked her. In my mind, I silently was yelling, "do y'all know anything here? I mean really..." It's ridiculous. so maybe, I need to talk to the branch in Decatur- the main campus. I don't even want to try to think about how my Q&A session with the financial advisor about my loan would go!

May God give me the patience to persevere. I can only hope.


Not Me! Monday

I can't believe it's another Monday. Another day off for me, though :) I consider Monday/Tuesday my weekend, only with school in the mix. Here I am to tell you what I didn't do (but really did.)

Last night, I did not die laughing at my brother and sister when they were getting ready for bed. While tearing up the bathroom, you could hear my sister yelling at M, "do you accept Christ as your Saviour?!" M goes, "yes, I believe in God! I'm not stupid!" I swear, it sounded like a Baptist convention going on in the bathroom (no offense to you Baptists.) But I was not laughing, I promise y'all. Nope, not me.

I did not tell a co-worker that our new manager at Jason's looks like a turtle on Saturday. We did not get carried away with it one bit. Nope. We also did not go in hysterics when our fun manager did not say, "damn, he's even wearing the right colors to be considered a turtle!" Yes, he was wearing a green apron. Quite funny. I mean, not funny.

I did not lose my mind when I couldn't find my sunglasses this weekend. I didn't search everywhere in the house, ask my siblings what they did with them (they're little thieves), dig around my car, only to not give up. So I did not go to Target yesterday (there's a surprise) to get a new pair, did not find the cutest pair, and did not buy them. But low and behold, I go to work not even ten minutes later and guess what I did not find under the register? There they were, my sunglasses. I was not mad. Not one bit. Now I have to decide what I'm going to do with the new pair.

I did not grab the wrong drink at Starbucks yesterday morning. We were in a rush for church, I had not waited 20 minutes (ok, 10) and was not impatient. I thought for sure the barista said "triple grande non fat white mocha." Well, after getting in the car and taking my first sip 5 miles away, I realized that was not what I ordered. So someone did not get my drink, and I did not look stupid at Starbucks. Go me.

Hope you guys had a good week last week and have a great week this week!
Update: I am not jumping up and down after my awesome interview w/ Disney. It went great, I'll know if I'm in within 3 or 4 weeks. Talk about anticipation.



I've never been one for crying watching movies, tv shows, weddings, all those things you're "supposed" to cry during. Never cried during A Walk to Remember, and that's a major "tearjerker." But not for me. Yet one day my junior year of high school, I was watching the scene in Steel Magnolias where Sally Field breaks down in the cemetary after Shelby's funeral and I started bawling. It was heart wrenching.

So I'm watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (yes, right now) and keep getting tears. It's depressing, very very sad, and I keeping tearing up. The dad/husband died last year and the family is getting a kick-butt house. I mean, the 3 boys are getting a zip line in their backyard. Anyway, it's a tearjerker for sure. The old Lauren that didn't cry during shows is long gone. I even cry during A Baby Story, people! What's funny is I was like, "oh you luckies" when the family found out they were going to Walt Disney World for a vacation. Then I remembered, "I might live there in August!"

I had to set my foot down today in Sunday School. There's a new family to our church (well, not new new, but they're pretty fresh) and their two kids I work with can try my patience, but I go with it. The other teacher does not like them and doesn't hide it well at all, so I do my best to make them feel loved. But today was the final straw. While waiting for parents, the girl said, "let's point at her and laugh." I was doing something but heard it just in time and it was a 180 degree change in my personality. I got down at their level, gave them that voice no child wants to hear and told them how rude it is, not to mention mean. My heart broke for the little girl they pointed at and I refused to let it go. Anyway, they were scolded (or burned in modern day terminology) and I made them apologize. Of course, their dad walked in during this, knew they were in trouble, yet gave sympathy to them... it irked the crap out of me. It's hard to be patient and not play favorites with the kids, I'll admit it. There's a 2 little girls I love to death in my class. They boys crack me up and don't bother me at all. Not to mention, my co-teacher and I are complete different personalities and it's starting to bubble up now that we've worked together for a year and a half. It's trying my patience these days because she shows her favoritism, controlling side, being uptight, etc. It's testing me to the point that I'm not sure I want to teach Sunday School next year.

But we'll see how that turns out. Disney interview at 9 am tomorrow morning :)


Dan, Dan the Weatherman

In the midst of this predicted "bad storm," I decided I'd make myself useful, use a couple brain cells, and to practice my writing (you know, in the event I'm become a writer {hah}.) So here I am, skipping school and thinking this predicted showdown of a thunderstorm might actually happen, people. The poor weathermen here in Huntsville are the butt of jokes because their predictions are always wrong, especially Dan Satterfield. They predict sunny and 70 degrees, but it's really cloudy and 50 degrees. No kidding. Yet, the whole city shuts down for a couple rumbles of thunder, a dark sky, and a few drops of rain. I've lived here 3 years and still don't get how this wacko place works.

I love thunderstorms, which is funny considering when I lived in Georgia I freaked out during them. Not even our silly dog who barked at the thunder would make me feel better. I credit this former phobia of mine to California- I lived there for 4 years and didn't have the slightest clue about what a thunderstorm was. So when mom told me to skip school this afternoon, I gladly agreed because I love thunderstorms and there's no way I can enjoy it in a building full of cinder blocks when I can enjoy in my house that has windows. Oh, and sweatpants are involved in the mix which makes it even better.

If only I had some chocolate that was already baked! Maybe that's what I'll do tonight since Grey's and The Office aren't new (darnit, ER, who cares if it's your finale?) But reading and doing my nails sounds better. Oh, by the way, I have a phone interview with Disney at 9 a.m. Monday. I also should really consider doing my taxes since they're due in 13 days, also. I probably should finish my CIS assignment as well. Dang, I have a to do list. Ratatouille! ♥

Here's a random thought- why do girls think it's cute, sexy, and funny to put their cell phones in between their breasts? To me, it's disgusting and trashy. Man invented this thing called a purse for the very reason of carrying things so you didn't have to multi-task body parts that shouldn't have to be multi-tasked in the first place. But that's just my opinion. It's just gross when I see 1) major cleavage that I don't want to see and 2) there's a cell phone in the mix. Has anyone not heard of this word called classy? Would Audrey Hepburn put her cell phone in her chest? I don't think so... At least use the back pocket in your jeans, ladies. Or men... but I'm not even going to go there. That's another story for another time.

Time to wrap this baby up, time to pay attention to the news... the storm's getting nasty. See ya!