R.I.P. Rebecca Sophia

Ok, the Bice family has had an extremely eventful week. First my grandma being put in the hospital (she's on 40% oxygen last time I heard, so she's doing well.) Now an accident that has me shaking 2 hours later.

So, my brother, sister, and I were in the van (Rebecca Sophia for those who want to know who she is.) There's a turn lane on 72 that I HATE for this reason alone: a) it's in the left lane, b) to use it you have to slow down to 25 mph at the most in a 60 mph zone, and finally c) everyone who's behind you has to slow down. So, this car who was turning was 4 or 5 cars ahead of me. Everyone was slowing down the best that they could. I hit my brakes because people started moving but someone else turned, so we hit our brakes. Until a red Honda Pilot's driver decided to become one with poor Rebecca Sophia. The driver was probably going 50 mph based on my dad's judgment, mine, the driver's in the car in front of me, and my mother's. He pushed my van 30- 50 feet before we came to a full stop.

My brother and sister shrieked from fear and shock. When I came to my senses after my shock, I looked in the rear view mirror and screamed because our entire back window was bye-bye- and my brother sits right in that seat, so I screamed because I was not prepared to see his head with glass in it. Thankfully, angels kept him safe- no scrapes at all :) Hannah was hysterical when the door wouldn't open, so she thought she was trapped. The kids clung to me, then the older lady who was in the car in front of us because she's a grandma- and my crying didn't help the kids, so that made them panic more. My parents were 1/4 of a mile in front of us, so they turned right back around when I called screaming something about an accident- my poor mother almost fainted when she saw the back crunched in and knew that's where her baby was sitting.

Needless to say, our beautiful van now looks like this:

The driver, who is in high school, showed no remorse. His mother tried to blame me from the get-go. Until the guy who was driving in front of me, who was a police officer for 30 something years, said he heard my van's impact with the SUV THEN he felt the thud from me. So she shut up... until we brought out the camera. She said "oh Jesus, you have to be kidding me!" My dad said it was for insurance purposes. I wanted to say other stuff, but my mom kept telling me to keep my filter on. Thank God for her, right?

the major damage

Needless to say, if Toyota ever needs a real story on the safety features of the Sienna, tell them to come talk to me. I highly recommend this model now. My dad was impressed it crushed the way it was supposed to. Oy with the engineers.


Ladies, we have a winner.

Forewarning: when it comes to politics, I get very heated and opinionated... just for the record. Continue on my readers, and you shall see.

So... Obama chose Biden. And McCain choses... a woman named Sarah Palin? What the heck! I'm shocked... extremely shocked. I was driving Hannah and Matthew to school this morning when Rick and Bubba mentioned how there was a rumor going around about the governor of Alaska getting picked for Veep. Me, being doubting me, thought they were smoking some funny stuff... but I get home, and it's all over Fox News.

And sure enough... ladies, we have a woman on the Republican ticket when the Dems are supposed to be "pro-choice" and power to the woman! Eat your words, Barack and co. I hope you regret that decision you made over the past few weeks.
I'm very impressed, to be honest. I was not sold on McCain at all because I know someone who's worked with him, and golly... I'm sold now. A pro-life, mom of 5 kids (one with downs), who's a member of the NRA? WOW!


oy with the politics already

I'm tired of hearing about His Royal Highness Barack Obama. One could easily think that he was a god or something. Everywhere I look... Obama this, McCain that. I'm so tired of it. For the past few years, I have looked forward to this election- now, I don't see the point in voting at all because I know who's going to win, the press has made their way to see that it happens.

I don't like any of the candidates, honestly. None at all, whatsoever.

This link made my day though:


"Enjoy YO-self"

Ok, so our family had a scare this morning thanks to my grandma refusing a ventilator. She had surgery a couple weeks ago for some ovary thing, and the doctor took her off her medication for her congestive hear failure. Only, she didn't get back on it. So she got super sick, taken to the hospital, refused a ventilator, etc. Magically though, she decided an hour ago to go on it and is getting antibiotics. So I'm not sure what's going on there... I thought I was about to go on trip to Kansas and go to a funeral, clean out a house, etc. Nope. I could say other things, I'm not saying them, because they aren't nice.
I was watching a promo for Jon and Kate's marathon tonight, and they showed a clip of Hannah, the motherly child of the sextuplets, say "enjoy yo-self" with the head bob and everything- I died laughing, and it sounded appropriate for the blog- my message to my grandmother who's... selfish, to say the least. Gosh, I love that show! It's fun to see the different personalities and how they work with each other.

My mom hates it though; I find it entertaining it because I grew up the only child and have this aw for big families. I used to hang around the big families on base all the time because my house was so quiet. A quiet house is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I want to have a house that's bustling with activity. I've always wanted 4 kids, I'm not sure why.


oodles of puppies

He's so cute :)

ok, so I haven't thought about a puppy as much as I do now. Matt wants to get himself a dog- first a Corgi... Now it's either a Huskie or Malamute. I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking or what... he could be serious for all I know.

So it's all puppies in my head right now.

Funny story though- driving my siblings to school this morning, there was some poster for a guy running for Madison's city council. He like, cut out letters from stencils or something, and it said "No portables, More schools." I HAD to laugh because it was the most redneck sign, yet they don't want their schools to look redneck. Haha. It made my day!


a new toy I found

This toy is amazing. Now, to use it, you have to have blogspot. But I highly recommend it, especially my mother... they have scrapbook backgrounds :) AMAZING! http://http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/background.php?id=458

Anywho, I think my crafty days are coming. Not like "crafty" as in Hobby Lobby and Michael's, just organization, cleaning, etc. I want my mom to keep her subscription to "Real Simple" because of the awesome ideas regarding all things home... etiquette, decorating, organizing, cooking- I'm not sure why. I've always been semi-revolted to the idea of being a "Becky-Home-Ecky" but I can't help myself! It's creeping on me. There's even an APRON I want from Anthropologie in Bridge Street... now that's Becky-ing hard core. I don't cook enough to warrant it, that's for sure. I can't get enough of watching "Everyday Italian" and "Barefoot Contessa" either. Ok, so Ina can get really condescending baking her blueberry scones, I'm not going to lie at all- she lives in my house (in the Hamptons no less), has ooodles of hydrangea bushes, AND has my kitchen. So yeah, I'm creeping myself out with all this homemaker stuff :)

maybe it's been there all along and now that I'm getting older and more "serious" it's coming out (I can hear my mom laughing at this statement)? I haven't a clue. Or maybe because, should that day ever come, I want to be able to impress my Honey with my mad kitchen and cleaning skills and not drive him away... let's be honest, right now, he's the winner at keeping his habitat clean.


My peeves of the week

Oh Lawd. Where do I start? I've done my best to keep the filter; it MUST come off because I want to scream.

1. Why do people say one thing and do another? Example: one friend tells me "I'm not going to party this year; I want to stay focused on school." She's been to three parties that I know of... so is she saying something and doing another? Or does she not have a backbone and not know how to say no to friends who have it their way or the highway?

2. New managers who act higher than you when in reality, they have no clue what they're doing. AGH! Oh, the little wave off here, the "here, let ME help you" when I am actually doing great with the customer. And if I have to hear about Macy's just one more time, I honestly think I am going to scream.

3. Communication. Honesty. Respect. Easy things in a relationship, right? No, wrong. I'm not just talking about my relationship- all relationships in general, one specifc I've just learned about. I mean, wow... a white lie about how good your significant other looks is one thing. Lying about a party you know the signifcant other would reasonably not approve of? Now that's another...


Haha, Bigfoot fools

Lazy days are amazing. I'm just watching tv and laughing at the fools who fell for buying the Bigfoot scam. TLC is better because of all the baby shows and what not :) I'm a sucker for those.
I don't feel guilty for being lazy; I walked with my brother for his "homework" for Pre-K. Then I went hiking with Matt... that was fun. We originally went just for seeing the sunset, but ended up hiking about 4 miles. Man am I sore this morning! It was fun though.. I told my sister we'd take her sometime when we have the day off :)
Work was crazy yesterday; the most I've been confused as to what's going on, especially at Gymboree! Somehow, the "potential new manager" was working and decided she'd do her own thing instead of what NEEDED to be done... leaving our store looking like a bomb went off, not even kidding. When I walked in I stopped and wanted to say, "What have you done to the store?!?!?" I was about to call our store manager and double check that she knew what was going on... the p.n.m claimed she called Deborah. But I beg to differ because the store manager would never agree to what went on.


Is it fall yet?

I'm so ready for fall to come. Enough of the summer already. Granted, fall comes with college which this semester involves american literature, mathematical applications, principles of biology (ugh), and world history I. I'm feeling encouraged because I'm a sophomore this year and going to Athens is getting closer; but at the same time, I don't understand why I have to take MORE prerequisites in math and science than I did in nursing at UAH. Explain that to me. It makes no sense, especially once I graduate and make $30,000 less than a registered nurse! Oh well, I'll be happy at least, right?

Back to fall. I'm ready for it. I have it on my agenda to go back to Chattanooga when the leaves start changing colors because I wanna see it SO bad, especially Lookout Mountain. I miss the North just for this reason- New England and D.C. were gorgeous in October. It was cool and everything. Alabama's not really the state to go to when you want to experience fall. Oh well... I still can't wait for it. Enough with the humidity already!


One more day...

My Divine Miss Emily is back in Huntsville :) she came and stayed over last night. Even though we went to bed at like, 10 (this is what happens when you get old), we had giggle fest, compared food to stuff, talked boys (nothing bad), and talked about our hysterical Logan. I loved it.

Right now though, my siblings are arguing over who gets to hold her Mr. Heffalump.

About the title, that's how long until I see my Lover again :-) I can do it! I was supposed to call him last night, I dozed off. I woke up at 1 and was like, "oh no!!!!!!" But he comes home soon. From what I understand, he didn't have the BEST trip he could've had, but it's the beach for him so hopefully he's happy :-) I think this week was good for us to just step back, think about our relationship, what we want.. and the outcome's been what we've wanted- we miss each other like crazy.


Here's #1

Ok, I was converted. No more Wordpress for me. Blogger is better :)

Here's to some fun.