Not Me! Monday

Since it's a typical Monday morning, consisting of Frasier reruns and a cup of Peets coffee, it's time to write Not Me! Monday. Since being thought up by MckMama, it's become quite the hit in the world of blogging. Apparently admitting stuff that we didn't do last week is theraputic ;)

Last week, I did not get deja vu twice while reading books that I picked up at the library. I did not feel so stupid that I couldn't remember what books I've already read.

I did not get a laugh out of someone finding my blog after Googling Michael Jackson MckMama. I guess they wanted to know her take on what she thought about the King of Pop's death? Who knows.

I am not counting down to my 20th birthday (2 days.)

I did not go see The Proposal twice last week; definitely didn't look up the soundtrack online and download almost all the songs that were in the movie. And I haven't had the scene of Ramone stripping permanently scarred in my head. It's not gonna be hard to watch The Office this fall and not laugh when I look at Oscar...

Lastly, I did not give my mom major hints about birthday presents by hitting up the Vera Bradley site, finding what I liked and emailing the ideas to her. She didn't get the hint either.


Quite the Reference

Michael Jackson MckMama.

That's how someone in the cyber world found me last week. I looked at my tracker and that was the only funny reference I found (the rest were from Blogger's homepage... how boring.) Since Hannah keeps track of this funny stuff, my curiosity was piqued and I had to take a look at mine.


I have another book to add to my list. Mom handed me Steve Harvey's book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. I glanced at some parts last night and started dying laughing at this one section. Allow me to share:

You: "I just walked into work today and before I could get to my desk, I saw Tanya walking over the the coffee machine and wouldn't you know that heiffa had on the same shirt as me?"

B.F.F: "You better stop it. Which one?"

You: "The blue one- you know, the one with the orange flower print? I got it from that store across town? On sale?"

B.F.F: "you mean the one you found on the $29.99 rack in the back? The same day I found those shoes at the store just down the street?"

You: "That's the one! ... Next thing I know, she ran to the store and bought my shirt and is wearing it to work!"

B.F.F: "Aw, hell to the nah! Are you serious? That's horrible... she got some nerve." (50)*

I read this and started cracking up. I could just see it in my head... doesn't that sound like us though, ladies? Sure we might not be that dramatic, but that's the general gyst of it. See, Harvey was comparing what our girlfriends might say to what our men would say. Here's the man's reaction:

You: "I just walked into work today and before I could get to my desk, I saw Tanya walking over the the coffee machine and wouldn't you know that heiffa had on the same shirt as me?"

Man: "Really? Don't wear it anymore." (52)

The end.

*by the way, notice how I cited my source. Just so Steve can't come after my butt and sue me. Thank you.


Billy Jean

Either subconciously or thanks to Fox News, that great single from the late Michael Jackson keeps playing over and over in my head. High notes and all. It's kind of driving me nuts now. That along with "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Somehow, the image of Ramone doing his strip tease is stuck in my head when I think about that song (if you've seen The Proposal, you'd understand.)

In other news, I'm being a bum tonight. I was supposed to go out with Miss Faith but it obviously wasn't meant to be since while I was showering off the scent of Jason's Deli and thinking about how exhausted I was, Faith texted and said that her car wasn't working and the other girl had to unexpectedly babysit. Phew. We agreed that we'd both fall asleep in the midst of the movie we were going to see anyway.

After leaving the evil workplace, I dropped off Where the Heart Is at the library. Highly recommend it, by the way. Turns out I owed them more money (go figure, they're making profit off this girl.) Picked up two more books though. I've become a bookworm this summer. So far I've read:
  • The Wedding
  • The Choice
  • At First Sight
  • Dear John
  • A Walk to Remember
  • Where the Heart Is
  • Love the One You're With
Right now, that's all I can remember. Mind you, it's only June. I can put a book away FAST. In fact, I need to start making a list of my reads. I picked up a book by Lauren Weisberger a couple weeks ago but was having a bad case of deja vu... when I realized I've already read it. Ha. Mom suggested making a list... I think I'm going to go with her idea.

and yes, I loved them all. Even though I had moral convictions about someone leaving their spouse in Nicholas Sparks' works. Ahem.


Living the High Life

Tonight I got out of my usual routine and went to a church ladies' discussion. What I was expecting (go figure) didn't turn out like I expected... in fact it was for the better.

I learned a lot. Talked, which is no surprise. But I went, talked, did my thing because it was in my "norm." The discussion was about being single. What life's like without a significant other tying you down, being without a partner, living life.

We were asked to give the first word that popped in our head when we heard the word single. I said freedom. From there I elaborated (not all at once.) I talked about how when I was in my last long term relationship, I learned a lot about who I was. How now, my "current" relationship is more with school- classes, homework, and having that goal of being a teacher. While it is all about me, at the same time, it isn't all about me. I talked about how I learned last fall to just give it up to God, how he's in control. When something doesn't work out, it obviously just wasn't meant to be. The list goes on.

It was comforting hearing that I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like she needs a man. How I'm not the only independent one, even though I feel like I am too independent at times. It was comforting to hear that I can never be too picky. It was nice being able to put myself out there to more than one woman (like I usually do.) It was nice hearing that I'm not the only one who battles with things that one shouldn't battle with (in the ideal, perfect world.) I even cracked a joke about how nice it must be to be in Sex and the City and live this "fabulous life"... if only it were real. Anyway.

Word is on the street's that this gal just might be attending more of this series... even if the next meeting is being married with kids. Who knows ;)

On this day...

two huge icons died. I'm still in shock.

Farrah Fawcett: sort of expected. She was sick with cancer and stopped treatment.


Michael Jackson: what the heck? Where did that come from?

Like I said, I'm in shock.



I got a glimpse into my Fall '09 schedule. Pretty schedule? No. Between a dentist visit, a math class, going to the main CCC campus to talk to financial aid and send my transcripts to ASU, then going to pick up my brother for swim class, I realize somewhere in there that this is what my life will be like.

Again, pretty and relaxing? Far from it. Thankfully, it's only one semester, since (Lord willing) I will be at ASU full time in the spring (thus cutting way down on driving.) I love driving though, it gives me major thinking time, which I have needed a good dose of recently.

So somehow, with patience/energy, I will be driving between Madison, Decatur, Athens, and Huntsville. All in one day? I can pray not. But I've been thinking about switching the schedule around so that my life isn't so spread apart.

Now that I think about it, my readers are probably majorly confused, but if you are, email me. I can easily explain it then...


"I'm tired of waiting for your request"

I'm getting irritated with my phone these days. Now don't get me wrong, I love my phone. Well, when I first got it, I was getting on the internet and it was taking too long. This is what popped up after a couple seconds.:

Confused? Yes. I read it a couple times just to make sure I was reading it right. Whoever engineered the phone had too much fun with the programming and such.. Today it did it again, and this time, I grabbed the camera to take a picture.

I mean, what kind of phone says that? Well, now that I think about it, maybe my phone and I were meant for each other. I'm impatient, it's impatient. Kinda funny now that I think about it :)


I'm Here!

I swear, I am alive. If you follow me on Twitter (all three of you) y'all know I'm alive and kickin'. No, I did not write a Not Me Monday. I didn't have the energy to write it and honestly couldn't remember the contents either. I was too consumed in all things regarding precalculus and sociology (and still am.)

Yes, my summer is far from relaxing. I have until tomorrow to go take my sociology exam. Knowing me, I'll go at 2:30 tomorrow (testing center turns away students at 5.)

In other news, I got my first official sunburn of the summer yesterday. I have funny strap marks on my back from my bikini, it's a little bow. Really funny. I'd show y'all but I'm not a fan of exposing myself like that.

I'll write more later, I promise!


Could it get more complicated?

Honestly, Facebook... let's get MORE complicated. Usernames? Sending email after email to try and confirm an email/join a network? Seriously? Guess y'all can figure out what I've been doing tonight, can't ya?

See, I wanted to join ASU's network since I got my acceptance/email, etc. So I tried... and succeeded thirty minutes later when it really should have taken 3 minutes. Really. I was getting very irritated. So finally, after going back and forth between email accounts, it got taken care of.

But is a "username" really worth the pain? This isn't Myspace... this is Facebook.

In other news, I'm guessing y'all figured out I have a boyfriend... I hope. Seeing as I traveled 6 hours to Georgia and everything :) but yes, it's official. I'm going back down the day after my birthday (which, btw, is THREE weeks away) for the 4th of July. I can't wait.

oh, you can go see him here ;)


Not Me! Monday!

Ever done something where you say to yourself "I can't believe I just did that" and tell yourself to never let a soul know you did it? Have no fear, MckMama and gang are here! Since MckMama likes to tell us every Monday what she did didn't do last week, we all do it too :) All of us being her Wolverines.

Last week, I did not forget that I had a facial appointment for Tuesday scheduled during the middle of my math class. Of course this didn't occur to me in the middle of getting lost in Atlanta, and with my luck, the salon is not closed on Mondays. I did not take my chances and call them, leave a message, and hope they got the message that I wouldn't be there.

I was not asked last week at Gymboree if I was pregnant. I didn't want to reach across the counter and slap the lady when she asked me that. Apparently, not yawning and not being "out of it" while being bugged about whether the watermelon line or mermaid line looked better is not allowed. I did not automatically look down to make sure I didn't have a belly, then did not tell the lady, "no, I'm not pregnant. Far from it actually," and did not plaster on a smile. Oh, and after she left, my manager did not have a field day with the comment.

I shockingly did not agree to pull a double at Jason's Friday night when they asked me to. The girl who was supposed to work did not call out (for the 4th night in a row) and the manager did not come and ask me, puppy dog eyes and all. When I left, I did not feel miserable, did not complain, and did not moan about having to go back twelve hours later for another miserable 6 hour shift.

Hope y'all have a great week and tell what you didn't do last week:)


Facebook Mannerisms, part dos

There are several reasons that I don't like Facebook (don't get me wrong, I love Facebook.)

But do we really need to write needy messages on our significant other's wall? Do we need to bash people with our statuses? How about announcing that we're gonna get wasted tonight? Or my favorite- if someone's mad at you, instead of discussing it, they delete you- and sometimes even block you.

Oh yes.

I've experienced it. My friends have experienced it. Family's experienced it. We've all experiences it. Why?

So, maybe we could all take a tip:
  1. do not share how much you wanna makeout w/ your boyfriend/girlfriend on their wall. Seriously, those are the moments I need a trashcan to puke my guts out.
  2. I don't wanna know how much you're going to party tonight and how trashed you'll get.
  3. I don't care if you delete me because you're mad, it obviously shows the lack of maturity you contain.
  4. Keep those pictures that I could easily click on "report photo" to yourselves. Mhmm... y'all know what I'm talkin' about.
  5. Try to keep all comments PG, and even G while you're at it... talking about your husband rubbing you down and "hockey sticks" are not appropriate. For pete's sake, my sister reads over my shoulder these days, so I know other kids do it too.
I think that gets the point across. Can I hear an amen?



Does anyone remember the one-hit-wonder group SoulDecision? They had a single back in 2000 ( I think, I had to rack my brain) that was playing on the radio today. Mind you, this was not the first time I've heard it; in fact, I've heard it quite a few times lately. I never knew that I would hear "Faded" again... it came out in the days where I hadn't had braces yet, had just started the awkward stage of life called puberty, just moved to Ohio, and was just straight up awkward (don't get me started on my fashion sense.) Anyway, so driving home from class earlier, it came on and I felt like a preteen again. Not fun, especially considering that in 27 days I'll be turning 20!

Also, last night, while I was sleeping, two major things happened. I'll share one. Imagine waking up, going to check Blogger and you see that your mom blogged. Ordinary most times, last night's was in its own realm- it was a blog about my dad's job search. Apparently, he is looking at a job out in California where we used to live at one time when we were still active duty. It involves planes and such, he'd be happy (maybe) but that requires uprooting. Now, there's no way I'd go at all whatsoever with college and such, but my mom was not happy at all this morning about the hunt.

Now that I think about it, I never did write about why he's searching for a new job. Thanks to our now-dumpy Department of Defense, they cancelled the missle program my dad was working on. He was gone all the time, worked 'round the clock (seriously) until, without warning, the bomb of a decision was dropped last month. So this is why my dad is now looking for a new job.

I have to laugh, because it feels like we're active duty again, where the motto was "Home is where the Air Force sends you." Yes, lovely. But we'll see how it turns out...


My 3 pm Euphoria

Yesterday I went to meet with the advisor for the college I'm transferring to once I get my pre-requisites out of the way. I wanted to see what all I needed to take, what's knocked off my list, if I need to get my Associates, etc. She started going down my transcript, checking off each class, figuring out what I took my sequence in, and then telling me that I don't need geography and P.E. I wanted to dance when she told me that.

So that left me with three classes in the fall and not having enough hours to be declared a full time student. I looked at how many hours I had (11) and knew what the solution was. I asked if there was anyway I could take a class at Athens State to get the full term status, and she said that I could take Intro to Elementary Education I. I wanted to do a dance. My first "big kid" college class. A class that starts with a 3. I sound like a dork, but it's true.

And this was my 3pm Eurphoria.


Mas Maize

As my readers know (I hope) I hit the road for what I found out was the most eventful, exhilirating, crazy weekend I think I've ever lived. If the pictures don't speak for me, it's just plain sad.

Let's begin:

Friday I arrived, had Korean food for the first time and it was delish. I wanted more the next day because it was so. freaking. good. Now I know why Z would go nuts everytime he'd tell me about it. Now I want some chicken bulgogi. Afterwards, there were major laughs to be had, such as Z running around the neighborhood and me spitting out my drink at the word "sphincter." I also went and saw my old house that I used to live at (this is how I met the crazy Roberts clan :)) which I hate to say is not getting the amount of attention that it used to get. I also started a habit of yelling "CORN!" everytime I saw it. I even took a picture for y'all!

corn field

my old house: 228 Waterford Dr.

Saturday we hung around the house, ran errands, and went out on a date :) We saw Up! in 3D, which was sad but cute at the same time. Big news though: Toy Story 3 is coming to a theatre near you June 2010!

Sunday was church. Saving the pool vacuum from the bottom of the pool (duh, L, they could've figured that out), making candy, getting chinese, and going out on the golf course.

Luke taste-testing the depression candy

I think Z and I were having way.too.much.fun.

Of course, Sunday night included the walk on the golf course, and yes, I have one picture that I love, he probably hates, but that's ok.

Not Me! Monday!

It's Not me Monday! Thanks to MckMama, who dishes on what she doesn't (but really does, it's just super cheap therapy) do every week, it's become quite the hip thing to do among the Wolverine pack of bloggers :) Allow me to begin...

First of all, I just want y'all to know that this blog is not being posted on a Monday night when it is normally posted by Monday mornings and for which, I honestly have no apology for :) See, I did not drive back from a whirlwind weekend of craziness in GA that I am still reeling on. Ahem. Allow me to begin.

This week, I did count down to Georgia every.single.day. I did not wake up and think "two days... one day... 6 hours..." like a nut case. Or a kid who's waiting on Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve. Nooo, I do not think my level of enthusiasm was higher than a kid waiting on presents or birthdays and such.

I did not resist hopping on the exit for Hartsfield Int'l when I drove by it both Friday and today. Fyi, I just want to declare I told you so (see previous blogisode if you're not confused :].) I did not know this would happen to me. Somehow, the smell of jet fuel does not equal freedom and fun to me. I do not think all the times that I've flown are to blame for this. I declared to mom that I am my father's daughter because I do not love to fly and will not fly anywhere just because I want to.

When I was heading back home today, I did not yell words that some people would not approve when I realized that the exit for I-20 was on the far right and not the left. Explanation will be in the next blogisode (that's full of pictures and such.)

Oh and I did not end up realizing that the capitol building was right next to me when I was in downtown Atlanta (when I was supposed to be on I-20.) I told y'all story's coming.