Not Me! Monday

Since it's a typical Monday morning, consisting of Frasier reruns and a cup of Peets coffee, it's time to write Not Me! Monday. Since being thought up by MckMama, it's become quite the hit in the world of blogging. Apparently admitting stuff that we didn't do last week is theraputic ;)

Last week, I did not get deja vu twice while reading books that I picked up at the library. I did not feel so stupid that I couldn't remember what books I've already read.

I did not get a laugh out of someone finding my blog after Googling Michael Jackson MckMama. I guess they wanted to know her take on what she thought about the King of Pop's death? Who knows.

I am not counting down to my 20th birthday (2 days.)

I did not go see The Proposal twice last week; definitely didn't look up the soundtrack online and download almost all the songs that were in the movie. And I haven't had the scene of Ramone stripping permanently scarred in my head. It's not gonna be hard to watch The Office this fall and not laugh when I look at Oscar...

Lastly, I did not give my mom major hints about birthday presents by hitting up the Vera Bradley site, finding what I liked and emailing the ideas to her. She didn't get the hint either.


mrosev14 said...

I have the same problem as you, I read all the time so every now and then I will be a bit confused about if I've read something before.

I loved the movie the Proposal. I think the scene with Sandra Bullock dancing to the song Get Low was hysterical! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD.

Also, happy almost birthday! I love Vera Bradley and have WAY too much of it! What pattern are you looking at for your birthday, what style bags?

{Kimber} said...

I have been wanting to see the proposal...I guess if you saw it twice it must be good!!
Happy early BD! :)

Laura said...

Eveyone I've talked to loves the Proposal! Happy Birthday!

Hannah Noel said...

*sigh*.. the proposal!!
So good :)