I should be packing, but...

I will find any excuse to avoid planning outfits. I hate planning outfits. Why? My mood on what I want to wear can fluctuate easily. One minute I'm thinking cute, but the next I'm thinking comfortable. Not fun, I tell you. I had my sister help me a little bit in that department this morning. Some of the stuff she was suggesting was plain ol' crazy, so I gave her options. Such as this green knit shirt or this blue shirt? Fun stuff. Glad she knows something about planning attire. There's a reason I have a 7 year old sister around...

Next up is Googling directions to GA. Yes, I do know how to get there, but ya know, just in case I-20/I-75 aren't the way I've left them a couple months back, I'll be prepared... yet, somehow, Google has no clue where I'm going. I have to be very broad with my destination (city, state.) Thankfully, I have good memory, and remember how to get there (going through Atlanta and all... yikes.) I could go past Hartsfield International but then I'd be like, oh plane! Let's just detour to the airport shall we and go somewhere exotic. No seriously, I would... so that options out.

I have been up since 3:30 am. Why? I do not know. I had heartburn and had deja vu to my awful night a couple weeks back, so I dug in my huge Vera Bradley Tic Tac tote (in the dark) for my bottle of Nexium... and I had a fresh water bottle in there, too (this girl's prepared, even at hours that no one should be up) which I was glad for because then I could just lay in bed and pop the pill. Then God sent a thunderstorm. By this time it was 4... and my body was so awake, that even if I tried to close my eyes super hard, I still wasn't going to sleep. Alas, I read. And read. And checked Facebook. Fox News. And read... downloaded Google Chrome (which I love.) Then by this time it was 6 am. Sister came in and I knew that all possibilities of sleep were snuffed.

Yes, long day. Did I mention I haven't even packed yet?

School's going to be good this semester, I think. My physical science instructor's a crack up (and is afraid of rocks so we're not going to be learning about those.) However, I feel confident in his teaching considering that he's a meteorologist. Phew. Someone in that blessed school knows what they're teaching! Math instructor was late this morning... I had a guy next to me scratching himself every 5 mins and I made a mental note to not sit next to him again. disgusting.

Now it's time to head to the main campus for my distance ed. Sociology class orientation. Ugh, I hate when school starts.

And maybe I'll pack when I get home...


Over the Rainbow

From the couch (where I'm watching BBC's Pride and Prejudice)

There was an odd storm tonight- it didn't rain at our house but everywhere else. Coming home from school I was literally driving into a storm. Anyway. Now the sun's out, but looking out the front of the house, there were two huge rainbows. The second one was really faint and you probably can't see it in this picture, but you can see the other one. It was bright!

In other news, Summer 2009 started today. My physical science class should be a breeze (let's hope) since we're not studying rocks (apparently my instructor hates rocks and prefers the solar system and weather. Pre-calculus is tomorrow at 12:30, then orientation for my distance education Sociology class.

My trip to GA is 36 hours away, I'm totally excited. Speaking of which, I need to remind my co- teacher that I won't be in town this weekend for Sunday School. On it!


Not Me! Monday

Ah yes, Not Me. The time where Wolverines, along with MckMama, share what they have "not" done this week, because no one in their right mind would admit to such embarassing stories. Ahem. Let's begin, shall we?

My heart did not stop when Kris Allen won American Idol. No, I'm not so wrapped up with it that my heart would stop. It's not like I voted a million times for him Tuesday night. C'mon, please... ok maybe 40.

I did not love a song from my sister's recital finale so much that I Googled the lyrics that I could remember to find out who sang it. It did not take me 20 minutes to find it (it was a mix, so it wasn't all one song, just clips.) I was not shocked when I found out it was the Spice Girls (and I didn't crack up when Hannah was dancing everywhere to the mysterious song, so I did not get a picture of it.)

I am not relieved to finally know that my application was not accepted at Disney. Oddly, I'm not ok with it. I don't have so much going on, taking a break for a semester from school would not have been hard on me. Maybe I will not try to find a new job now.

I have not started doing a countdown on my Facebook status for my trip to Georgia on Friday. I'm not excited one eensy weensy bit. I'm not planning outfits in my head at all... and not laughing at mom's statement today about footstools and such.

Hope y'all had a great week, and have an even better one this week :)


Life is Good

Last night was my sister's dance recital. Adorable, loved it, and wished I was still dancing (yes, really.) The whole recital shabang was a flashback to the days of pins going in my head, costume fittings, rehearsals, you get the picture. Of course, after my picture downloading session tonight, I had fun with Picasa. Here's some pictures :)

Miss Nat, H, and Miss Emma


The Nurses :) soooo dang cute

caught mid-dance during intermission

Post-Recital. Love this picture
The whole recital was based off covers of Life magazine. Hannah was in two dances, Pennies from Heaven and In the Mood (plus the finale). The picture with the nurse costumes is In the Mood, based off the picture from V-Day of the sailor kissing the nurse (love that picture.) Not sure what Pennies from Heaven was based off of, but it was my favorite dance (due to the costume.)


The Dark Horse Reigns

It was the finale of all finales last night on A.I. I am still recovering from Kris winning. I thought for sure that Adam would win, because that's just how it goes. Yet, the Dark Horse came through, and honestly, I think he was a little more shocked than me.

It was my favorite Idol finale for the following reasons:

  1. David Cook. Handsome, gorgeous, amazing voice, enough said.
  2. Keith Urban (insert sigh here for his gorgeousness) and Kris singing Kiss a Girl together. I was all over it and said to mom, "he should have sang this last night! Then he'd win!"
  3. The bleep of Black Eyed Peas during their performance. Did anyone else notice when all of the sudden, we were looking at an American Idol sign, no singing, just that for all of 5 seconds?
  4. Norman winning an award (was the guy's real name Nick Mitchell?) Hysterical. By the way, be patient, I'm saving the best for last.
  5. That awful Tatiana. Was that whole segment set up and acted or real? I still can't tell. That whole audience was baffle, I think.
  6. Adam finding out that no, he did not win, the title was not handed to him. Instead, a huge plate of humble pie was given to him :)
  7. Finally... Kara putting down the Bikini Girl. I was tempted to write un-edifying names, but I resisted. This was the best part of the entire night. I was (in Simon's words) completely and utterly disgusted with B.G. totally, so annoyed with her, and almost changed the channel until.... well, Kara came out. Priceless. Loved it. Love Kara. She rocked. see video below

For the record, I think I texted "vote" to Kris' line 40 times in a row... I think... 4o times.

Update (as of 5:09 CDT): By the way, Fox made the video come down, I found this out... pretty depressing.


Not Me Sunday Monday

It's Not Me! Sunday Monday, courtesy of the bloggin' mama herself, MckMama. She created this blog carnival as a theraputic way to admit what we Wolverines did not do this week. Ahem. Have fun reading :)

I did not renew my three library books for the second time at 11:59 pm online Wednesday, one minute before they were due, thus checking them out 3 times.

I did not want to correct a guy I overheard telling his friends that he didn't want to date anyone whose name was a noun. I could definitely tell that this was a sign I am going in the right career field. One of those rules I learned in 2nd grade: a noun is a person, place, or thing. I did not want to say "well I don't date guys whose names are adjectives, either."

I did not want to chuck my coffee ice cream at the television when Danny was sent home on A.I. I am secretly not praying that Adam doesn't win this week.

I did not think I was going to die after the mexican food obviously did not agree with me Friday night. Somehow what I thought was heartburn became... well, something else. Praying that I make it to the bathroom to throw up is not my idea of 4 am fun. So after such a fun night, I slept all day yesterday, off and on. I'm glad to report that my appetite is back in full force :) maybe that's not a good thing...

As I write my Not Me! on Sunday, I'm not eating the rest of my Mocha Frappucino ice cream and listening to iTunes, wondering why can't life be like this everyday? Especially when I'm getting down to Britney Spears and Black Eyed Peas (like, 2004 Spears and B.E.P... not 2009)


Happiness is...*

  • coffee first thing in the morning
  • pink, sparkly nail polish
  • Starbucks (preferably a triple non-fat vanilla latte)
  • having a brother who's nutty enough to stick his head through the sun roof
  • having a sister who's more of a teenager than I ever was
  • watching babies every Tuesday morning
  • waking up to texts from my second favorite person :)
  • Friday night girl time
  • road trips
  • the beach
  • unlimited texting
  • Vera Bradley
  • comments on my blog :)
  • McDreamy
  • Hydrangeas
  • the thought of going to Italy (someday)

*in a non-specific order


A Whole Weekend Off

After thinking for sure that I was going to die last night, and sleeping off an on all day today, I'm finally put together enough to sit around, awake, listening to the big thunderstorm outside (my whole house is shaking.) After seeing Ashley's post, I realized it's Wordle time!

I'm not going to write anything else, I'm storing it up for my Not Me!

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!


"How Very Urban"

Tonight, as all my fellow Grey's junkies know, was THE season finale of all season finales. Last year we found Meredith outlining a house with candles, tonight we found those two lovebirds marrying on a blue Post-It courtesy of Yang, which I admit was very sweet and cute... very MerDer.

We all knew Izzie would die somehow since Katherine Heigl was leaving the show in real life. But I won't lie, I had a glimmer of hope that the media industry led us askew just for those high ratings. But no, she died after her memory came back together (after the worst b**** fest from Alex, but whatever, couples have those moments...) which was uber depressing. Then George was Mr. John Doe, who died on the table. Yes, I held the tears til then. Although, Karev collapsing in the corner didn't help the tears at all.

I didn't get to 30 Rock, but I found my fave line in a scene between Kenneth and Tracy (see title of blogisode.) I still can't believe Pam's pregnant in The Office, but Dwight's buddy put me in stitches.


To answer the questions two of y'all asked: yes, I do have celiac disease. It's chronic, doesn't go away, and is around forever. Til the day I die, unless Z comes up with that magic pill. I won't go in details, y'all can read it here. Ask more questions, I'll always answer!

Second, the siblings. There's three of us B- children. I won't disclose the last name for security purposes :) There's an almost exact 12.5 year gap between my sister (H) and I, no one between. My brother (M) came after H 2 years later. No, it was not on purpose. No, my parents did not plan it that way. God did, and why? I'm not sure. Although, M gives this family a lot of energy :) and the sibling arguments keeps everyone on their toes.

Ok, now that I sound like a couch potato between American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, AND 30 Rock, I'm thinking I need to start doing something more... healthy. Like, renew my three books from the library for the third time. Mhmm... thank goodness I can do it online :)


Me in a Nutshell

This, in a quick summary (thanks to Elisabeth) is what I have. I will admit, I'm embracing it more now that I know she has it!

From the Couch

While I'm writing this post, beware of sentences that do not make sense, for I am watching American Idol. Nice promo for Night at the Museum, by the way, you sneaky Hollywood people.

Yes, it is the Top 3. We find out the two finalists tonight. Big stuff. Personally, I want Adam to go home because he botched U2's song One and I don't know what Simon was thinking. But that's just me. Who knew that Kris could do Heartless accoustically anyway? I sure didn't. I love Danny. End of paragraph.

To accompany the elimination, I made a quick trip to our neighborhood Publix tonight to get milk and bananas (because, you know, those are necessities and we were out.) Of course, I wouldn't get distracted and think "chocolate" at the store. Haha, no. Somehow this ended up in the basket and is my AI snack.


In the meantime, thank you Facebook for finally making the chat window up to date and letting me go "offline" to some. You know when that person that you're trying to avoid but there's someone else that you want to talk to but can't? Yeah... finally happened after Zach heard complaints from me and he agreed. We're nuts. I can now go "offline" but am not offline.

Ok, AI is requiring my full attention now. See ya!


A 7 year old teenager

This girl is a crack up. She is also a teenager in the body of a 7 year old. Why? She is so moody; so fashionable; opinionated; bossy; demanding.

Today it hit me like a brick that this girl will be in second grade next year. Somehow I was lecturing her on how she needs to put her homework in her backpack and to stop leaving it on the table and ended up at the "you'll be entering second grade in August and can't do that!" Then I had the "woah" moment. Ya know, the moment where it goes from 2 hour old infant that you couldn't put down to "how did she grow up this fast?" Yes, I had one of those moments. Not pleasant, either. I feel like a parent that way.

Every day that she has a fit, I tell mom "she's not even a teenager yet." And mom gives me the "shut up before I go nuts thinking about it" look. I kid with dad that Hannah will be going through puberty while mom goes through menopause and if he's lucky, I'll be pregnant ( I honestly hope not) :) It's really funny how the timing works on that.

This morning I woke up to her yelling about how playpen was spelled playpin because that was how her teacher spelled it. Did I mention it was at 6:30 am? Yes, too early for such foolishness. The person she was arguing with is even better- dad. Dad, who went to the Air Force Academy, has a Masters in some form of engineering, was arguing with my sister on how to spell playpen. For pete's sake- having a room overlooking the living room at such an hour is not my cup of tea coffee.

Anyway, so last week, in the midst of the Swine Flu county-wide freakout (private schools included) I took this picture. It scared me, to be honest. She was fake texting her friend Livy. Yes. I was like... "help?" She has the attitude, my old sunglasses, my old phone... she's a wanna be me. Only when I was 7, I didn't have a phone to play with. Well, that kind. I had a corded phone. That you hooked on the wall- an old one. Nor did I have that attitude! Well, not that big, anyway.

I guess she thinks she's like me, which I should be flattered about. But I want that little peanut back sometimes; the time before she talked and grew an attitude the size of Texas.


Not Me! Monday

Yes, it is Monday. How do I know? My coffee is right next to me, I feel half asleep, and am looking at a room that has to be cleaned today. But when given the choice to clean my room or write my Not Me! Monday for the week, hmm... I think it's obvious which one I did not pick. This heck of a blog carnival was founded by the lovely MckMama herself, and somehow all her Wolverines readers decided to jump on the bandwagon. So here goes...

This week, I did not freak over my math final as if it were the biggest test of my life (bigger than the ACT.) Nor did I completely blank out when I looked at the piece of paper and wondered what one of the word problems meant and what the heck I was supposed to do with it. But alas, I did not do a dance on Saturday when I looked at my final grade and saw "c" in the box. Spring semester down, now on to Summer. Ick.

I did not feel the urge to cuss out my manager when he called me 10 minutes after leaving work on Friday to tell me that I needed to come to work on Saturday after all... and I did not fight every urge in me to say, "and you couldn't tell me this 10 minutes ago when I was still there?" Ha, no, not I. The effect of this did not send me to the nail salon (which I was already planning on doing) so that I could get a mani/pedi for the heck of it.

I did not cry when I watched Grey's Anatomy season finale Thurdsay night. Even though I should've known that Izzie would end up being the one to get married in "The Wedding" I still had tears. Ridiculous TV shows... I need a dose of reality (which sends me to American Idol.)

Hope y'all have an amazing week :)


a "C"

I want y'all to know just how happy I am right now. I have been tossing/turning since 6 exactly so I figured that I'd just check my grades to see if they'd come in yet. 2 out of the 3 did... an A in Music Appreciation and a C in Finite Mathematics. I'm very, very happy with that grade. I think the fact that I told him countless times that I needed a C to pass might've helped, but maybe I actually did well on that final... hmm. Now I want to know what kind of C it is. Like, low C or high C?

I had quite the interesting night last night. Jessica and I had girls' night. I needed to go to the mall to get something so we headed to Bridge Street, the most amazing mall that's cool when I'm not working there (this is where Gymboree is.) I was joking about this guy that my hairdresser tried to put me with back in January and how if I ran into him I would have to fix the moon's position so he could talk to me... that's another story for another time. J and I were walking down the strip/alley whatever you call it, and I was telling her a story that was cracking the bejeezus out of her that was taking all my attention. So when this 6'3" guy just stands in front of me and I just about walked into him, I get with it and realize just who it is. Somehow, I did not do as I planned. After thinking "I'm so glad I look hot" (ok, not hot, but... well anyway) I said, "Jess this is Mark." Eyebrows lifted and everything. She goes, "oooooooh Mark!" Mhmm. Let me say that Audrey Hepburn would be very proud of me. There's so many more things I could say; but, when given the chance, I made fun of him for planning to go see Star Trek. Then I walked away.

But it gets better. After this bump-in, we had a bump-in with J's... something. I have no good name for him. We'll go with Oopsie. Thankfully, we didn't walk straight into him, but she saw him and pulled me over the other side of the alley. Again, I was mid-sentence and had no clue where the heck I was going. But alas, we arrived in Anthropologie and I went on a ramble how I wanted everything from the store, live in a cute bungalow, and have a cute life. I wish.

To top the night off, we ventured to Applebee's where the lovely waiter informed Jess that he could "hook her up" with a drink if she wanted. I was like, "I'm DD so do whatever." She hopped on that bandwagon fast. So here's the pics. I only took an eensy weensy sip, and she informed me that it didn't effect her at all, for which she was ticked. No, he didn't make it a virgin either, I tasted the alcohol in it :)

Please notice the newly painted nails... I wish I had a pic of my toes because they're cuuuuute. I got my nails done, and the color I went after was "Met on the Internet." Pink and sparkly, it's a winner. I love all OPI's vampy names :)


Recap by Moi

Let me tell y'all how much I loved the Grey's Anatomy tonight: I had tears. No, they did not amount to my mother's, but they were there. Did I have a feeling that Izzie and Alex would get married? Yes. It was her dream wedding. Did it make me choke up? Yes. Could I have gone w/out the Arizona/Callie drama? Yes. Did I get irritated with the FIVE minute commercial breaks? Heck yes (just ask this guy, he should know :))


Let's go to The Office, shall we? In Z's words, yes, it was golden. I cracked up the whole way through, Dwight treating Phyllis like a horse almost put me in stitches, but the receptionist has. got.to. go. But, I sensed chemistry between Kelly and Andy; Angela switching her foot at the end was priceless; but I think that Dwight, nasty wife beater and all, won the best acting prize tonight.

I'm kicking myself because I forgot to record 30 Rock, but that's why NBC puts it online, no?

In other news, I'm taking a personal vaca to Middle Georgia at the end of the month :) I'm very excited, I have a 6 hour car ride to myself, 5 if I time it just right :) Can't wait!


I Need a Happy Pill

I'm feeling way down right now. The whole spa high lasted for a couple hours, until I opened my math book after and felt bluer than a blueberry. I can only pray that I passed my math class right now; that I scored well on my final, because I have a solid 70 in that class. Hey, at least I'm passing, right? I made it clear to my instructor what my desired grade was, that was all I could do, right?

To top it off, I hate how "behind" I am. Everyone I know that was in my graduating year is going on to their junior year in the Fall. Ok, a couple people but still... I'm feeling like a failure for some crazy and odd reason. Yes, I'm one semester behind, not bad, but still, it feels like an eternity away. It's close, but it's so far at the same time. Ten hours this summer, fifteen in the fall... I'm gonna need a ton of patience and probably will even need to drop a job. Argh.

To top it all off, I was almost rear-ended tonight on my way home. Long story short, a car almost (again) plowed into me when I was at a dead stop. Talk about some bad deja vu from last summer. The offending car came within centimeters of my car, not even kidding, so I'm glad that my car is still in one piece (no more collateral was what was going through my head) and that I'm alive. I can't handle anymore wrecks.

Y'all would never know that I went to see my skin's heroine today or got a haircut, either, after the way my day went. I know it could be a whole lot worse, I do. But the good news is that tomorrow's a new day, I only have my CIS final tomorrow and then I'm free until the end of the month to do whatever I want :)


Not Me! Monday

While it's STILL raining outside, I'm writing this to somewhat cheer meself myself up. Sorry, I think pirate talk is getting to me. Hence, I shall tell you of what I have (not) done this week. It's a theraputic way to share my wanderings and guilt, while you get a crack up out of it! It was thought up by MckMama and that blessed woman has every person in the whole wide world quite a few of us doing it now.

I did (not) become a total germaphobe yesterday during Sunday School. I did (not) tell a kid to sneeze in his elbow just so germs wouldn't fly on the person next to him. No, I'm really not a germaphobe at all. Nor did I freak when I saw the same kid (who sneezed in his hand) grab the glue stick and did (not) order the kids to freeze and put their hands out for Germ-X before they touched anything. And I mean anything and everything. Stupid Swine Flu.

I did (not) want to build an ark because of all this rain. I used to like rainy days... now it's just making me sleepy, lazy, unproductive, etc. I mean, it's NOT. I don't remember the last time I saw the actual sun. Hmm...

I did (not) sort of do a dance when mom mentioned Picasa to me the other day when I complained about not having a photo-editing program that can really edit. By all means, I'm (not) excited now. Now I can (not) do anything I want (with pictures, that is.)

I did (not) convert my Facebook to pirate code (ahoy matey) this week when people (ahem, my mother and her fellow S.A.H.W.s) were talking about being saucey wenches and such. By the way, I, too, am (not) a saucy wench. I did (not) want to know what the heck they were talking about; by the way, my blog is also known as my Pillagin' Territory. Yes, that's right, a Pillagin' Territory.

Ahem. or ahoy...

I am (not) irritated that I haven't heard from Disney yet. Right now, I'm just planning my life for the next 9 months around school. No, wait... 7. Yes, I'm (not) scheduled for 10 hours this summer, 15 in the fall. I think it's 15... hmm.

Hope y'all have an amazing week, enjoy it. And if y'all see sun, let me know how it is. I haven't seen yellow sunlight in 4 days. It's killing me :)

Ark, Swine, Fun Times

I'm still feeling like Noah right now. It's rained for two and a half days non stop. Every time it lets up, I get happy. And then it starts pouring again... I've given up on the idea of a "good hair day."

To make matters better, the Swine Flu seems to have hit our area. I'm watching to newest press conference right now (even though I'm trying to make fun of this bald man.) The elementary schools in town have shut down for 14 days. There's 10 "probable" cases, one official. Fun stuff. I tried to not freak out when kids were coughing, sneezing, and sniffing in Sunday School this morning. I'm not a big germ freak, but today I definitely was.

So in between germs and rain, it's a great weekend! I did crack up yesterday when a friend forwarded a message to me that said the following: Kermit the Frog died of the Swine Flu today. His last parting words were "that darn pig swore to me she was clean." I tried to not laugh at the text since I was at work and all (since my phone was supposed to be "put away") but I couldn't help it!

In other news, I'm trying to "wordle" now that I've figured how to do it (that goodness for Picasa, right?) Not sure if it looks good, but it'll work :)


Ahoy Mateys

I feel like I'm on Noah's ark today. It has rained non-stop for the past 36 hours (no joke.) It was an all day thundestorm yesterday, although thankfully there were no tornados- that I know of. I was at work all day up until 10:30 last night (both jobs) so there could've been alarms and I just didn't know it.

Speaking of, my evil self fun loving self stole my manager's keys yesterday at Jason's. He stole my phone when I got to work so I got revenge when he left his keys at my register. I put them in my pocket and the sight of him freaking out about where he put his keys was priceless! He's done this before, too, only that time he really left his keys in the office. Anyway, he got so mad at me when I gave them back. I was laughing the entire time.

Then, amidst the chatter on the S.A.H.W. message thread, I, too, converted to my Facebook this morning to the Pirate language setting. It cracks me up. I took a picture of the screen just to show y'all. I'm not sure if you can read it that well, but try looking at it anyway! Funny stuff. If you want to delete stuff, it asks if you're positive you want to send it to Davy Jones' locker, or refers to time as shots of rum. It's a good laugh, do it briefly and you'll crack up. I don't think I can go back to the good ol' English after this experience!