From the Couch

While I'm writing this post, beware of sentences that do not make sense, for I am watching American Idol. Nice promo for Night at the Museum, by the way, you sneaky Hollywood people.

Yes, it is the Top 3. We find out the two finalists tonight. Big stuff. Personally, I want Adam to go home because he botched U2's song One and I don't know what Simon was thinking. But that's just me. Who knew that Kris could do Heartless accoustically anyway? I sure didn't. I love Danny. End of paragraph.

To accompany the elimination, I made a quick trip to our neighborhood Publix tonight to get milk and bananas (because, you know, those are necessities and we were out.) Of course, I wouldn't get distracted and think "chocolate" at the store. Haha, no. Somehow this ended up in the basket and is my AI snack.


In the meantime, thank you Facebook for finally making the chat window up to date and letting me go "offline" to some. You know when that person that you're trying to avoid but there's someone else that you want to talk to but can't? Yeah... finally happened after Zach heard complaints from me and he agreed. We're nuts. I can now go "offline" but am not offline.

Ok, AI is requiring my full attention now. See ya!


Ashley said...

I so wish Adam would have gone home but I love Kris. I just hope he can beat out Adam! (hopefully you are done watching now and know the results)

Lauren said...

haha, yes, I did see the results and words flew out of my (mentally) that my mom wouldn't approve of. I'm sad Danny went home!

mrosev14 said...

Is that Starbucks ice cream? It looks yummy. I still haven't watched this weeks idol but it sounded good. We'll see.