A 7 year old teenager

This girl is a crack up. She is also a teenager in the body of a 7 year old. Why? She is so moody; so fashionable; opinionated; bossy; demanding.

Today it hit me like a brick that this girl will be in second grade next year. Somehow I was lecturing her on how she needs to put her homework in her backpack and to stop leaving it on the table and ended up at the "you'll be entering second grade in August and can't do that!" Then I had the "woah" moment. Ya know, the moment where it goes from 2 hour old infant that you couldn't put down to "how did she grow up this fast?" Yes, I had one of those moments. Not pleasant, either. I feel like a parent that way.

Every day that she has a fit, I tell mom "she's not even a teenager yet." And mom gives me the "shut up before I go nuts thinking about it" look. I kid with dad that Hannah will be going through puberty while mom goes through menopause and if he's lucky, I'll be pregnant ( I honestly hope not) :) It's really funny how the timing works on that.

This morning I woke up to her yelling about how playpen was spelled playpin because that was how her teacher spelled it. Did I mention it was at 6:30 am? Yes, too early for such foolishness. The person she was arguing with is even better- dad. Dad, who went to the Air Force Academy, has a Masters in some form of engineering, was arguing with my sister on how to spell playpen. For pete's sake- having a room overlooking the living room at such an hour is not my cup of tea coffee.

Anyway, so last week, in the midst of the Swine Flu county-wide freakout (private schools included) I took this picture. It scared me, to be honest. She was fake texting her friend Livy. Yes. I was like... "help?" She has the attitude, my old sunglasses, my old phone... she's a wanna be me. Only when I was 7, I didn't have a phone to play with. Well, that kind. I had a corded phone. That you hooked on the wall- an old one. Nor did I have that attitude! Well, not that big, anyway.

I guess she thinks she's like me, which I should be flattered about. But I want that little peanut back sometimes; the time before she talked and grew an attitude the size of Texas.

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Ashley said...

She looks like a total teenager with her pose in that picture!

How many siblings do you have and how far apart are all of you?