Be Ready and then Some!

A few things to check off my bucketlist:

  1. Sit in the driver's seat of a firetruck.
  2. Hold the Jaws of Life.
  3. Hold a fire hose.
  4. Wear turnout gear.
  5. Ride in an ambulance, sirens, lights and all.
  6. Take a spin on a gurney.
Yep, just a regular week at work!


Jack on a Saturday

Yesterday, I made a new adventure... to Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. I'm a whiskey girl. I find it funny, because my mom likes wine, my dad likes beer, and I like liquor. Odd.

Jack on the Rocks
My former boss, Ruth, is a squire there at Jack's and often frequents that lovely place. This time we went in honor of Jack's birthday. Let me just say, it gave me a greater appreciation for what I drink. It's also made me love it even more. The entire time I toured there, all I wanted was a whiskey sour. It was fun to see the wood that became charcoal, how three ingredients can have such a high proof... fun stuff like that. It was even neater to see the barrel-houses where they store all the whiskey. It was amazing to learn the history of the distillery, learn the difference in between Gentleman's Jack, Single Barrel, and the good ol' No. 7. I'd love to know what the 7 stands for, by the way.... ,maybe it's for Jack's many girlfriends.

It was a great time to be had. I completed my trip with Jack Daniel's t-shirt (I just couldn't resist) and just had the barista at Starbucks complement it... too bad it didn't get me a free pumpkin spice latte.

Me, Ruth, Diane, Brent, Chance, TK, Rachel, Scott and Shep in front of the original distillery office.
The two ladies (aka Shep and TK) thinking on Jack's grave.
TK playing checkers with Jack
This was for TK