My blog needs an uplift!!!!! I'm not helping it at all whatsoever. Does anyone know anyone who could help me out?


Dose of Optimism Needed

I hate technology right now. I've spent the past 20 minutes trying to change my avatar on Disqus to no avail. It refuses to change my picture. So so annoying...

I'm avoiding homework like the plague right now.

I finally found out what Etsy is. I've been curious since Ashley's been talking about it and I LOVE it! I think some Christmas shopping will be happening there.

After lusting for the quaint shop MckMama mentioned here, I've been dying for a place like that. Turns out that a store opened up less than a mile away that has my curiosity stoked. It's called Nina's Place and I think it's time for a little exploration :)

The school I'm supposed to be doing field experience at has yet to let me know what the heck is going on. I've left two messages for the asst. principal. So either the secretary doesn't have her act together or the asst. principal doesn't have his act together. Therefore, I've emailed the coordinator at Athens State to give her a heads up.

I really need to become more optimistic. These days, I'm the one who is feeling like Paris Gellar.


Not Me! Monday

I just want you to know that I haven't been too lazy write forgotten about Not Me! Monday at all whatsoever. Nope, Not Me. Since MckMama is having a giveaway and all, I wouldn't write a Not Me for the first time in what seems like forever just to enter her NMM contest.

Saturday, I didn't want to walk out of work because I was so irritated with the world. It didn't help any when my co-worker that took an 45 minute break for one cigarette suggested to me that I go see a psychiatrist for a bipolar disorder. I did not resist telling her that just because she had it didn't mean I had it and I just said, "thanks for the suggestion, but I definitely am not bipolar. I just have a lot on my plate", smiled, and walked my big mouth self away.

I really didn't throw a pity party when I saw a girl from one of my history classes with a huge blinding 3 carat rock of a diamond on her ring finger last night. Never. I love being single so much that I would never ever feel pitiful for myself.

I totally did not apply for a job last week with Delta Airlines just for the heck of it. There's no way on earth I would do that. Ever.

I did not get mad on Friday when I read Nicholas Sparks' newest novel. I have a life and don't get too involved with storylines and who dates whom, etc. Never. Not in this lifetime.

I was not asked TWICE this week if I am expecting. Yeah. You read that right. I know I've put on some weight recently, but really people? Asking if someone is preggers when you're really not sure is a no-no. Besides, I layered my work shirt w/ a long sleeved one, so it didn't made me look... larger than normal.

Finally, I did not make a friends list on my Facebook for all the people I do not want to talk to on the chat application. I definitely did not name the group "Paris Gellars." I have to laugh at my creativity for that one.

What did y'all not do this week?


Pessimism in the Heart Department

I realized last night that I officially need a life.

I've been reading Nicholas Sparks' newest book, The Last Song.

I love it.

In fact, I love it so much, I hid out in my car at my sister's dance lesson just to attempt finishing it. I got to the end and I finally had to call it quits so I could go to work. The epilogue was left, so I figured I'd finish it later.

But at work, I kept getting irritated with how the last chapter ended. I was like, "really?!" I'm trying to not reveal the situation in case I have a reader that actually wants to read it. I hate when people spoil endings for me.

So last night, I rushed home so I could crawl in my sweats and finish reading the epilogue. And finally, the tears flowed, and I thought "thank goodness."

I think that even though I've become very pessimistic in the heart department, I rely on books like this to at least keep me happy. I know it's Nicholas Sparks, but whatever.

It's a contest on which one is my favorite novel now. I'm gonna have to think on it.


Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks to Hannah for nominating me for my creativity :)

  • when it comes to shampoos, I tend to go for the sexiest name and prettiest smell. Example: last night I bought Herbal Essences' Long Term Relationship that smells like raspberries. Point proven.
  • After all these years of coffee drinking with milk, I've realized that I prefer my coffee black- no cream, half and half, skim milk, sugar, Splenda, you name it. But I still love my lattes (that's espresso though.)
  • You'll know that I'm procrastinating when I have my face in a book. This time around it's The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (sooo... good.)
  • I have quite the sense of humor. It might not show sometimes, but it's always somewhere in me.
  • I'm addicted to reruns of Frasier on Lifetime. I'm getting annoyed though because they don't show all the episodes so I don't have a complete clue on what's going on.
  • I'm finally weeks away from being done at my community college and I am so.excited. I love my foundations of education class at the university I'm transferring to but I love that we get a month off for field experience even more :)
  • I love love love love Italian food. Love it! Whether it's risotto, pasta, garlic, wine, or freshly grated Parmesan cheese, I can't get enough of it. And I don't eat Parmesan that doesn't have the authentic stamping on the outside.  I'm a snob.
I tag Meg, Ashley, Faith, S, Erin, and Renee to do this! Congrats, girls!


Did you know that the "Angles" swept my poor Red Sox today?

Yes, Angles. Not Angels.


Yesterday I did a little retail therapy. I've fought the shopaholic side of me for quite some time now and when I do get the urge to shop, I drop in at Target.

BUT, I let myself free yesterday and stopped in at Ann Taylor, thanks to my mom saying, "want to stop in at Ann Taylor and see what they have?" Why yes, mommy dearest, I do.

So. I might have wanted to buy everything in the store. Maybe. But that's just a rumor. While perusing the store, I've discovered the must haves of the season:
  1. black heels
  2. tights
  3. a cute skirt
And bam! You're officially in the trends for fall. Lord knows I love it. I feel like a sexy teacher now. My reason for dropping a Ben Franklin and then some was that I needed some cute stuff for field experience so I look a little older than a student (more professional, too.) My inner Audrey Hepburn didn't know what to do with herself considering jeans and a t-shirt are what I wear on the weekend, jeans and a knit top on the weekdays. So when you hand me something that has polka dots and tweed?! Lord have mercy.

Unfortunately, Ann Taylor doesn't like me to copy their images. So click here and see a look I could die for. Or this.

I hate being broke sometimes.


As if my life couldn't get any crazier...

You know what the downfall to taking fourteen hours of courses is? Less blog time.

Sure, I read blogs, surf Facebook, and read the news. But for some reason, I need to actually think for a flipping second to blog. Who knew, right?

The good news is that my school week is over. Finally. Alleluia. Now that I'm in week seven, I've finally adjusted my schedule, figured out when I absolutely need to wake up, and figured out the time that it takes to get from here to school in the fastest amount of time possible.

I'm finally done with my second speech (informative.) Now matter how many times I practiced, I got flustered. Not sure how I did, but we'll see.

I'm almost past the half-way point of school.

I have a lesson plan due on Tuesday. No, I do not have to present it, but I'm planning on teaching fractions.

I was very tempted this week to change my degree to secondary education (english.) After seeing that this load of 16 hours of science and 12 hours of math wouldn't count to anything, however,  and that I'd need at least 4 more English classes, I said "hell heck no" and moved on my merry way, continuing my way into elementary.

I love my education class. It might be one, but I love it.

Today I plopped myself in Books-A-Million and looked at their children's section. For the record, though, I want to put out my opinion that Barnes and Noble is a BAGILLION times better. Seriously.

I'm so glad that I've found a volunteer opportunity. An added bonus is that I'm with it for the next two years and don't have to keep changing around every semester. I love the kids that I am working with for now. In a couple weeks, I'll have an individual child who(m?) I will mentor for the next however many years. Love it.

I lived on the wild side last weekend and went out on a Friday night at 1130. This girl is breaking out, let's just say that. Tomorrow night is bowling w/ a bunch of people from work and I'm pretty excited.

What I'm not excited about is my test at 8frigging30 in the morning on Saturday. Ugh!

I think that's all for now, I'm not sure. I have a couple research papers that I need to start writing sooner or later and start field experience in a couple weeks, too. As if my life couldn't get any crazier...