Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks to Hannah for nominating me for my creativity :)

  • when it comes to shampoos, I tend to go for the sexiest name and prettiest smell. Example: last night I bought Herbal Essences' Long Term Relationship that smells like raspberries. Point proven.
  • After all these years of coffee drinking with milk, I've realized that I prefer my coffee black- no cream, half and half, skim milk, sugar, Splenda, you name it. But I still love my lattes (that's espresso though.)
  • You'll know that I'm procrastinating when I have my face in a book. This time around it's The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (sooo... good.)
  • I have quite the sense of humor. It might not show sometimes, but it's always somewhere in me.
  • I'm addicted to reruns of Frasier on Lifetime. I'm getting annoyed though because they don't show all the episodes so I don't have a complete clue on what's going on.
  • I'm finally weeks away from being done at my community college and I am so.excited. I love my foundations of education class at the university I'm transferring to but I love that we get a month off for field experience even more :)
  • I love love love love Italian food. Love it! Whether it's risotto, pasta, garlic, wine, or freshly grated Parmesan cheese, I can't get enough of it. And I don't eat Parmesan that doesn't have the authentic stamping on the outside.  I'm a snob.
I tag Meg, Ashley, Faith, S, Erin, and Renee to do this! Congrats, girls!

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