Rocked out

This weekend was amazing to say the least :) I've never been to Big Spring Jam, but this year's acts lured me in. When the lineup was first announced, I was a guarantee when I saw Hinder was coming. A week later, Buckcherry was announced. It was definite then.

So Friday night was Buckcherry. I saw all 4 acts that were showing on the WZYP stage. It was then that both Matt and I realized that I'm not a crowd person. It's true. But Buckcherry was AMAZING to say the least. They started off a little rocky, but warmed up by song #3. So they were really really really good :)

Saturday night was eh. Tantric was really good, especially when 2 of the members had the flu. They have a violinist in their band. Who would've ever thought to put a violin in a hard rock band? Seriously. T-Pain was awful, I'm not going to lie. Granted, the guy is featured on a lot of hip hop songs, but he only sings for 10 seconds, so he kept changing songs when people were finally getting into it. That was annoying.

Yesterday- pure awesome. After celebrating my one year with my significant other, we went to Hinder. I loved it. Not as good as B.C. but they were definitely second on the best acts.

The one year anniversary was awesome. Matt and I went hiking last weekend, so we just hung out, read the paper, wrestled for a long time. Then we did Dolce (not that great, honestly.) I was still hungry after eating my meal! So we did IHOP with a couple friends after Big Spring Jam. That was fun, totally. I didn't stop giggling the entire time :)

I'm counting down to concert #3 (or 4, not sure how to count it) which is Michael Buble :) gotta love moms



Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply it.

If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby.

If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.

If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So - if you give her any crap, you will receive a ton of sh*t.'



Venus problems?

Apparently I am the cause of "venus problems" with people? Erg....

Anyways, I've had a weird day. It's been a roller coaster, not even kidding. I have no money at all now. I was really stressed over my biology test. I'm exhausted. On the positive side: I made a B on my biology test (so happy!), got a little more energy over the past however many hours, then called my mom to report on the success of her personal shopping at gymboree only to find out that she got Matt and me surprise tickets to Michael Buble down in Birmingham on the 15th of October! So it's been an up and down day. A very up and down day.

School's sort of weird right now. I don't like history or english at all this year. I used to LOVE those two classes. Yet, I love biology? And math's easy. I used to hate these classes... so my life's upside down right now.



My brother (I love him) gave me a good laugh this morning. He said, "sissy, what do catwoods look like? I know what dogwoods look like, but what do catwoods look like?" I laughed. He went into detail about what the dogwood tree looks like. Then he told me about some dinosaur that eats eggs. Not sure what it was though... T-Rexes and I have a history lately, especially Matt who says "rawr, I am a T-Rex! I'm going to eat you!"

Anyways, I'm loving fall. It's officially "fall" but in my book, it isn't official til the trees start changing colors, the weather cools off, and there's pumpkins! Gosh, I miss the North a lot this time of year. My mom bought a pumpkin spice candle today and I lit it right away. I LOVE it! I could stay in the kitchen all day just to smell it. I think I'll always have a connection with fall, after living up in Yankee land for 4 years; that's true autumn in my book. But I just love it, especially after being seduced last fall by the best guy on the planet :)


Everything is in black and white

Note: to those reading, please don't get offended; these are my thoughts- take them for their value.
I'm ready for a new beginning. I want a new beginning.

My mind is full- I'm not sure it can process anymore information. My family problems have literally taken over my mind and emotions. When I look at it, think about it, it's all black and white for me. I don't know how to live like this.

I'm so ready for next Sunday. A day with my better half, a WHOLE day of hiking, dining, rocking, and celebrating the past year we've spent together (even those rollercoaster moments.) This relationship is a huge base of my life- Matt and I have traveled together, spent nights together (separate tents, mind you), spent almost every spare moment we've had together. The past 3 months were hands down our hardest, we both agree on that. There are moments I wish I could take back, mostly because of what I've said or done. It's just hard to fathom it's been a year; a year ago I stayed up until 2 in the morning IMing him; or talked with him at McAlister's until the trashman came (that's a 3 am.) We've watched each other cry, each other's struggle with life, anger, resignations, firings, etc. We've shared secrets, we know things about each other that no one else knows. It feels like it's been forever, but at the same time, it seems like yesterday that we started dating each other.


Here's to hoping for a better week

I'm hoping for a better week. Hoping. Doesn't mean it will happen, but I can hope.

The collision center that our van is at is strongly suggesting to the insurance companies they just declare it totaled. Hopefully that will happen. The general manager said it will take too much time, money, etc, to fix the van. Considering if we fix it, we'll be stuck with the van until it dies (and it's a Toyota, mind you) I'm all for declaring it totaled.

Matt and I have been dating for a year now. It's a shocker, but it's awesome. It's not the "official" year (that's at the end of the month), but that's how long we've been dating. Crazy I tell you! I'm glad though, he's been there for everything, the logical one, all that stuff.
I keep thinking it's Tuesday, I'm not all too sure why. I woke up late, my day feels off. I start counseling this afternoon for all my... troubles, to put it broadly. I'm hoping it's gonna help me a lot.



September 6th: My mom gets penguined. She had me set up a blogger account for her yesterday since it's more "fun" than wordpress. Only... Matt was around. And him + me, plus someone's innocent facebook/myspace/blog, equals endless
entertainment. Yesterday's subject: PENGUINS! We laughed hysterically, not even kidding. Mom was yelling to get it off at first but then she read her blog and could not stop laughing :) it made our day! So of course, we had fun with it, down to her about me. She loves it, though :)