My brother (I love him) gave me a good laugh this morning. He said, "sissy, what do catwoods look like? I know what dogwoods look like, but what do catwoods look like?" I laughed. He went into detail about what the dogwood tree looks like. Then he told me about some dinosaur that eats eggs. Not sure what it was though... T-Rexes and I have a history lately, especially Matt who says "rawr, I am a T-Rex! I'm going to eat you!"

Anyways, I'm loving fall. It's officially "fall" but in my book, it isn't official til the trees start changing colors, the weather cools off, and there's pumpkins! Gosh, I miss the North a lot this time of year. My mom bought a pumpkin spice candle today and I lit it right away. I LOVE it! I could stay in the kitchen all day just to smell it. I think I'll always have a connection with fall, after living up in Yankee land for 4 years; that's true autumn in my book. But I just love it, especially after being seduced last fall by the best guy on the planet :)

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