Venus problems?

Apparently I am the cause of "venus problems" with people? Erg....

Anyways, I've had a weird day. It's been a roller coaster, not even kidding. I have no money at all now. I was really stressed over my biology test. I'm exhausted. On the positive side: I made a B on my biology test (so happy!), got a little more energy over the past however many hours, then called my mom to report on the success of her personal shopping at gymboree only to find out that she got Matt and me surprise tickets to Michael Buble down in Birmingham on the 15th of October! So it's been an up and down day. A very up and down day.

School's sort of weird right now. I don't like history or english at all this year. I used to LOVE those two classes. Yet, I love biology? And math's easy. I used to hate these classes... so my life's upside down right now.

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