Oy with the Poodles Already!

Really people, I need some help.


But I'm loving how I'm getting back in touch with the origins of my email address, Facebook URL, Blogspot URL, Twitter, etc.

OH! Yes, I hated my "new" URL so much that I went back to gilmore07.blogspot.com. I felt naked, lonely. Alright, not really; at least not the naked part. But I didn't feel like myself. So I changed it. Again.

Anyway, I found myself cracking up at Cat Kirk, Le Chat Club, all the town hall meetings, and I'm not even done yet people. I watched it last night, on a Tuesday, and it felt so right. I miss my Tuesday night Gilmores. It was like old times.

So I will now go back (again) to my Gilmores, preparing myself for more Kirk-isms. Anyone remember which season the lost eggs was in? You know, when there was the egg hunt in the town center and Kirk lost them all?

While we're at it: What's your favorite Kirk moment, my fellow Gilmores?


Bracebridge Dinner

This weekend, I have been l-a-z-y. No, I do not have an alibi, as much as I wish I did. I've watched six Gilmore Girl episodes (season two is officially my favorite) today. Six. I have not studied at.all. Gah!

I have a biology test to do by Wednesday. A math assessment due tomorrow. And have I touched any of it? No.

But, I have brushed up on my favorite lines of Gilmores.

I also went and did my volunteering this morning. That was rough. There's something about helping a middle schooler whose reading skills are worse than my sister's that is really... emotional. All I kept thinking was who's taught this kid? How did he pass? did I mention it was emotional?

I have decorated the house for fall. I washed some towels. And... that's pretty much it.

Oh, I also discovered that I have a hold on my account at Athens State because they don't have my UAH transcript. Grr. But I also got my school assignment for field experience and am really happy that I'll be at a Madison city school.

I found out that I'm taking my APTT at Alabama A&M. I'm praying for safety big time. I called the ACT people to see if I can change it and the girl claimed that Athens isn't holding the test in October which is a lie because Faith is going to Athens. Just shoot me.

I'm going back to my Gilmores now!


How He Loves

I will be the first to admit that I am not a perfect person. At all. In fact, if I knew the perfect person, I'd tell y'all. I mean in a fictitious way, I'd have to say Derek Shepard hands down, but he's a cheater and cheaters are bad in my book, not to mention that he's fictitious. But back to all seriousness.

My rant about my church seems to have struck a chord, or so I think. Not in the way that I would prefer, either.

After feeling downright victorious the other day, I still feel threatened. Sunday night I had a missed call and voicemail from the assistant pastor in charge of Sunday School and had the most serious tone saying to call him back. My stomach literally lurched. I called back Monday morning but he was away and didn't call back so I figured it wasn't serious.

Or so I thought.

He called this afternoon during my nap and left a message to call him back. I thought I'd save a few minutes and just talk to him face to face tonight at church and get it over with.

Well, he said we "needed to talk." Serious. You know, like the one you get in the middle of a parking lot one October evening and get dumped by a serious boyfriend. Sorry, that was me. But that was the tone he held. Oy. We're meeting tomorrow over coffee at 3 "to talk."

My fear is that instead of getting ditched by a boyfriend, I am getting ditched by the Sunday School committee and losing the Sunday School class I love so so so much. Do not get me wrong, I respect this man so much. He's amazing and doesn't go blabbing to others how much of a sinner you are. He knows what he's doing.

Then my mind thinks that maybe this is about parents I unintentionally ticked off on Sunday morning when I said that their daughter was talking way too much and was interrogated on why I wasn't doing something about it. Excuse me, it's not like I've worked with children for 8+ years and am an education major for Pete's sake. All I really honestly wanted to say was, "well if you were picking up your child for the past 4 Sundays and not your nine year old daughter, we would've had this conversation a month ago." Instead I had to fake a smile and say, "yes it is the same little girl she keeps talking to but today she had 6 warnings to stop talking and yet still continued to talk."

But back to my worrisome post.

I've been asked if this meaning could be about a good thing. Uh. That's a negative. I had this guy for my Bible teacher in my senior year of high school where the inside joke of the class was a "happy birthday!" Yes, we did anything to get out of class. I think we held six birthday parties in one quarter. Trust me, this was not a "happy birthday!' moment.

But then, there really is nothing I can do at all. If I've stepped on people's toes and offended others, so be it. I seem to remember writing that I refuse to back down. This is my blog, after all. But it does not mean I have a cold heart over it. To be honest, it's stressing the living daylights out of me.

Yet, amazingly, on my drive home from my Financial Peace class where we learned how to kick creditors behinds, my new favorite song by the David Crowder*Band came on. It was what I needed for my worries. It reminded me of how much God is still there no matter what happens. He is our ultimate Pastor. He is in charge of everything that is going on, even when I want to control everything so bad. He is the hurricane and I am that tree that is bent over, helpless.

Gosh I could really go for another DC*B concert right now. By the way, I highly recommend their new cd to y'all.

So just pray for me tonight, that God would lift this burden off my shoulders and that I would take this as a lesson in life.


the one in which I show my love for pumpkins

I love autumn. There's lots of things about it that I love. For example,
  1. leaves changing colors
  2. cooler weather
  3. pumpkin spice lattes
  4. sweaters/sweatshirts
  5. having a perfect excuse to drink something warm
  6. season premiers of my favorite tv shows (show of comments from those who saw The Office)
  7. the smell of pumpkin candles
  8. pumpkin bread
  9. pumpkin farms
  10. a sign that change is coming
I'm really missing the fall season up North. Boston was gorgeous this time of year...


It's Back!

Oh I'm so excited! My favorite of all favorite shows is back on the 24th!


On this anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, I hope y'all will remember our troops and the families of those who have given their lives for our country.

In the meantime, I'm wrestling with myself about writing a post that would be scandalous and show the true colors of people that are acting foolish. I'll be thinking really deep about it today and about the consequences of what could happen. However, I am a very honest person and not willing to hold back something that needs to be said.

So, I could be back tonight with a very revealing post on my thoughts regarding organized religion.



I have made it through most of my week. I am so glad. I really still want a shirt that says "I Rock" for the days when I feel like I'm gonna die.

I was looking at my to do list and most of it is checked off! Intro speech? Check. Resume? Check. Woods for Biology? Check. TB negative? check! Found my hairbrush? check. Paycheck? Heaven's yes, check that. Gas? Yes. So I'm feeling better.

Only for it all to rain down on me next week.

As I thought, my brother took off with my hairbrush. He hid it in the quiet room of the house, the little sneak. The only way I got it out of him was threatening no chocolate or "banana pink stuff." It's amazing how fast that worked.

I still have no clue where my iPod charger went. I'm borrowing my mom's.

The woods were so much fun today. I recorded the information down, along with three others. We measured trees and got attacked by mosquitoes. But hey, that's what happens in Alabama. I love this class the second time around!



In a normal world, I would have been in bed 2 hours ago. However, I'm not.

This semester has me nuts but sane at the same time. If I didn't have great friends at my schools and work, I'd be screaming.

  • I put in 35 hours at Jason's Deli this weekend. That is, if I did my math right. Yes, I'm a little tired.

  • I bs'd an introductory speech this morning.

  • Typed a resume really fast (it was easy since she didn't want anything not related to kids.)

  • Just finished my introduction for the College of Education.

  • Have a project due Friday for Biology.

  • Go to the woods on Thursday for my Biology class.

  • See if I'm TB positive or negative Thursday morning (I think I'm in the clear as I look at my arm right now.)

  • Try to find my paddle brush that has completely vanished since yesterday morning... I blame my brother.

  • Try to find my iPod charger too... I've been lacking in my music lately.

  • Get my paycheck tomorrow and get that deposited.

  • Pray that my remains from my loan come so I can fill up my savings account.

  • Get gas in my car.

Ok, I need to stop. This is my midnight ramble that is also my to do list. Bedtime.


The One in Which I Criticize the Diva

My regular readers should know that I am in love with Vera Bradley. Yes, I am a fan of it on Facebook. So sue me. Of course I saw this picture and wanted to snatch this purse out of the screen. It's gorgeous, don't you think, Meg? I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm practically a prostitute for it... but pretty darn close. Minus the favors part.

Only with my luck would I see if after registering on Live Text with a $94 access code. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. $94. Flipping outrageous if you ask me, thankyouverymuch.

I could write a letter to Santa now to ask for the purse nicely or just a stocking full of $20 bills. But instead, I'm thinking of writing Calhoun and begging on hands and needs for my remaining loan money because I really desperately truly need it. It being the money, not the purse. Do I sound desperate enough here?

In the mean time, I haven't told y'all about my newest BFF in ED 301. *read the sarcasm between the letters BFF.* In my opinion, anyone who comes to class in a dress that is strapless in September in the middle of the day will not be my bff. For heaven's sakes, this is an education class. The rest of us "normal" people are in jeans, Chacos, and t-shirts. Now, there are other reasons I am not fond of her... whenever anyone asked a question, she would answer it before the teacher. By the fifth time I wanted to tell her to can it fast before I canned it for her. This is also the girl who had a temper-tantrum about not wanting to work in an elementary school because she is going to get her masters and teach in a college. We all need to start someone, sweetheart. I kid you not when I say all the elementary majors gave her a dagger that could kill when she complained about this.

I told my two REAL friends today that I would love to know what she'll wear to field experience next month. With what she's wearing... it could be interesting.

As I was saying. I want the purse above, however I am a poor white girl. ED 301 will be an interesting class this semester.