Oy with the Poodles Already!

Really people, I need some help.


But I'm loving how I'm getting back in touch with the origins of my email address, Facebook URL, Blogspot URL, Twitter, etc.

OH! Yes, I hated my "new" URL so much that I went back to gilmore07.blogspot.com. I felt naked, lonely. Alright, not really; at least not the naked part. But I didn't feel like myself. So I changed it. Again.

Anyway, I found myself cracking up at Cat Kirk, Le Chat Club, all the town hall meetings, and I'm not even done yet people. I watched it last night, on a Tuesday, and it felt so right. I miss my Tuesday night Gilmores. It was like old times.

So I will now go back (again) to my Gilmores, preparing myself for more Kirk-isms. Anyone remember which season the lost eggs was in? You know, when there was the egg hunt in the town center and Kirk lost them all?

While we're at it: What's your favorite Kirk moment, my fellow Gilmores?

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