Bracebridge Dinner

This weekend, I have been l-a-z-y. No, I do not have an alibi, as much as I wish I did. I've watched six Gilmore Girl episodes (season two is officially my favorite) today. Six. I have not studied at.all. Gah!

I have a biology test to do by Wednesday. A math assessment due tomorrow. And have I touched any of it? No.

But, I have brushed up on my favorite lines of Gilmores.

I also went and did my volunteering this morning. That was rough. There's something about helping a middle schooler whose reading skills are worse than my sister's that is really... emotional. All I kept thinking was who's taught this kid? How did he pass? did I mention it was emotional?

I have decorated the house for fall. I washed some towels. And... that's pretty much it.

Oh, I also discovered that I have a hold on my account at Athens State because they don't have my UAH transcript. Grr. But I also got my school assignment for field experience and am really happy that I'll be at a Madison city school.

I found out that I'm taking my APTT at Alabama A&M. I'm praying for safety big time. I called the ACT people to see if I can change it and the girl claimed that Athens isn't holding the test in October which is a lie because Faith is going to Athens. Just shoot me.

I'm going back to my Gilmores now!

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Life with Erin said...

I am SO glad that you share my passion for Gilmore Girls :) Every time I see the KGB commercials all I can think of is Kirk . . . and my favorite people of Stars Hollow! And that is completely how I spend free moments when I get the chance!