I have made it through most of my week. I am so glad. I really still want a shirt that says "I Rock" for the days when I feel like I'm gonna die.

I was looking at my to do list and most of it is checked off! Intro speech? Check. Resume? Check. Woods for Biology? Check. TB negative? check! Found my hairbrush? check. Paycheck? Heaven's yes, check that. Gas? Yes. So I'm feeling better.

Only for it all to rain down on me next week.

As I thought, my brother took off with my hairbrush. He hid it in the quiet room of the house, the little sneak. The only way I got it out of him was threatening no chocolate or "banana pink stuff." It's amazing how fast that worked.

I still have no clue where my iPod charger went. I'm borrowing my mom's.

The woods were so much fun today. I recorded the information down, along with three others. We measured trees and got attacked by mosquitoes. But hey, that's what happens in Alabama. I love this class the second time around!

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Hannah Noel said...

Sounds like you've had a pretty good day! lol, threatened him with no banana pink stuff? what is that?