In a normal world, I would have been in bed 2 hours ago. However, I'm not.

This semester has me nuts but sane at the same time. If I didn't have great friends at my schools and work, I'd be screaming.

  • I put in 35 hours at Jason's Deli this weekend. That is, if I did my math right. Yes, I'm a little tired.

  • I bs'd an introductory speech this morning.

  • Typed a resume really fast (it was easy since she didn't want anything not related to kids.)

  • Just finished my introduction for the College of Education.

  • Have a project due Friday for Biology.

  • Go to the woods on Thursday for my Biology class.

  • See if I'm TB positive or negative Thursday morning (I think I'm in the clear as I look at my arm right now.)

  • Try to find my paddle brush that has completely vanished since yesterday morning... I blame my brother.

  • Try to find my iPod charger too... I've been lacking in my music lately.

  • Get my paycheck tomorrow and get that deposited.

  • Pray that my remains from my loan come so I can fill up my savings account.

  • Get gas in my car.

Ok, I need to stop. This is my midnight ramble that is also my to do list. Bedtime.


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

wow lots of stuff to do but also lots accomplished!

and 35 hours in one weekend = a nice paycheck!

Hannah Noel said...

35 hours!!! Gaaaaah, you need naptime and some serious coffee afterwards!!!
At least that paycheck will be BIG!