The One in Which I Criticize the Diva

My regular readers should know that I am in love with Vera Bradley. Yes, I am a fan of it on Facebook. So sue me. Of course I saw this picture and wanted to snatch this purse out of the screen. It's gorgeous, don't you think, Meg? I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm practically a prostitute for it... but pretty darn close. Minus the favors part.

Only with my luck would I see if after registering on Live Text with a $94 access code. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. $94. Flipping outrageous if you ask me, thankyouverymuch.

I could write a letter to Santa now to ask for the purse nicely or just a stocking full of $20 bills. But instead, I'm thinking of writing Calhoun and begging on hands and needs for my remaining loan money because I really desperately truly need it. It being the money, not the purse. Do I sound desperate enough here?

In the mean time, I haven't told y'all about my newest BFF in ED 301. *read the sarcasm between the letters BFF.* In my opinion, anyone who comes to class in a dress that is strapless in September in the middle of the day will not be my bff. For heaven's sakes, this is an education class. The rest of us "normal" people are in jeans, Chacos, and t-shirts. Now, there are other reasons I am not fond of her... whenever anyone asked a question, she would answer it before the teacher. By the fifth time I wanted to tell her to can it fast before I canned it for her. This is also the girl who had a temper-tantrum about not wanting to work in an elementary school because she is going to get her masters and teach in a college. We all need to start someone, sweetheart. I kid you not when I say all the elementary majors gave her a dagger that could kill when she complained about this.

I told my two REAL friends today that I would love to know what she'll wear to field experience next month. With what she's wearing... it could be interesting.

As I was saying. I want the purse above, however I am a poor white girl. ED 301 will be an interesting class this semester.



Meg said...

I <3 Vera! I really <3 Vera and now you've got me wanting a new purse and seeing that I am as poor as you (and they really need to dispurse my freaking loan checks!) I don't think I'll have the pleasure of getting one anytime soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Be prepared for many people who are different than you in your education classes. I have one classmate who also wears dresses, sits cross legged during methods while her boobs are hanging out. It's disturbing! Another girl wears different style dresses (hippie) and looks like she stepped out of the 60's. Plus, she always brings up politics and I for one NEVER agree with her...ON ANYTHING. Having class with all types of people just gets us ready for the real world.

I'm Allie btw, nice to meet you through your blog. Found you through MckMama!