Thoughts from a Procrastinator

where do I want to teach?

why does my room magically go from clean and organized to messy?

my hair is getting longer!

I wish I could Audrey Hepburn's attitude.

I should not work on Mondays.

I'm a chocolate addict.

I love Twitter.

what do I want to do this Friday night since I'm off?

I wonder what school I'll do my field experience in?

WHY does school feel so stressful?

Should I get another book to read? No... that will distract me.


Faith said...

you want to hang out with Faith on Friday night since you have the night off!

Meg said...

No more reading for pleasure you little book worm...study! I am with you though, why is school so freaking stressful?!? I played volleyball today to alleviate some of that stress...ah!

Study! Have fun on Friday night also.

Hannah Noel said...