Rocked out

This weekend was amazing to say the least :) I've never been to Big Spring Jam, but this year's acts lured me in. When the lineup was first announced, I was a guarantee when I saw Hinder was coming. A week later, Buckcherry was announced. It was definite then.

So Friday night was Buckcherry. I saw all 4 acts that were showing on the WZYP stage. It was then that both Matt and I realized that I'm not a crowd person. It's true. But Buckcherry was AMAZING to say the least. They started off a little rocky, but warmed up by song #3. So they were really really really good :)

Saturday night was eh. Tantric was really good, especially when 2 of the members had the flu. They have a violinist in their band. Who would've ever thought to put a violin in a hard rock band? Seriously. T-Pain was awful, I'm not going to lie. Granted, the guy is featured on a lot of hip hop songs, but he only sings for 10 seconds, so he kept changing songs when people were finally getting into it. That was annoying.

Yesterday- pure awesome. After celebrating my one year with my significant other, we went to Hinder. I loved it. Not as good as B.C. but they were definitely second on the best acts.

The one year anniversary was awesome. Matt and I went hiking last weekend, so we just hung out, read the paper, wrestled for a long time. Then we did Dolce (not that great, honestly.) I was still hungry after eating my meal! So we did IHOP with a couple friends after Big Spring Jam. That was fun, totally. I didn't stop giggling the entire time :)

I'm counting down to concert #3 (or 4, not sure how to count it) which is Michael Buble :) gotta love moms

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