Yesterday I did a little retail therapy. I've fought the shopaholic side of me for quite some time now and when I do get the urge to shop, I drop in at Target.

BUT, I let myself free yesterday and stopped in at Ann Taylor, thanks to my mom saying, "want to stop in at Ann Taylor and see what they have?" Why yes, mommy dearest, I do.

So. I might have wanted to buy everything in the store. Maybe. But that's just a rumor. While perusing the store, I've discovered the must haves of the season:
  1. black heels
  2. tights
  3. a cute skirt
And bam! You're officially in the trends for fall. Lord knows I love it. I feel like a sexy teacher now. My reason for dropping a Ben Franklin and then some was that I needed some cute stuff for field experience so I look a little older than a student (more professional, too.) My inner Audrey Hepburn didn't know what to do with herself considering jeans and a t-shirt are what I wear on the weekend, jeans and a knit top on the weekdays. So when you hand me something that has polka dots and tweed?! Lord have mercy.

Unfortunately, Ann Taylor doesn't like me to copy their images. So click here and see a look I could die for. Or this.

I hate being broke sometimes.


Hannah Noel said...

I left you something at my blog!

Faith said...

Wahoo! I'm going shopping as soon as I get my next paycheck! I need casual clothes desperately lol. Maybe I'll actually start looking like a girl.