Not Me! Monday

I just want you to know that I haven't been too lazy write forgotten about Not Me! Monday at all whatsoever. Nope, Not Me. Since MckMama is having a giveaway and all, I wouldn't write a Not Me for the first time in what seems like forever just to enter her NMM contest.

Saturday, I didn't want to walk out of work because I was so irritated with the world. It didn't help any when my co-worker that took an 45 minute break for one cigarette suggested to me that I go see a psychiatrist for a bipolar disorder. I did not resist telling her that just because she had it didn't mean I had it and I just said, "thanks for the suggestion, but I definitely am not bipolar. I just have a lot on my plate", smiled, and walked my big mouth self away.

I really didn't throw a pity party when I saw a girl from one of my history classes with a huge blinding 3 carat rock of a diamond on her ring finger last night. Never. I love being single so much that I would never ever feel pitiful for myself.

I totally did not apply for a job last week with Delta Airlines just for the heck of it. There's no way on earth I would do that. Ever.

I did not get mad on Friday when I read Nicholas Sparks' newest novel. I have a life and don't get too involved with storylines and who dates whom, etc. Never. Not in this lifetime.

I was not asked TWICE this week if I am expecting. Yeah. You read that right. I know I've put on some weight recently, but really people? Asking if someone is preggers when you're really not sure is a no-no. Besides, I layered my work shirt w/ a long sleeved one, so it didn't made me look... larger than normal.

Finally, I did not make a friends list on my Facebook for all the people I do not want to talk to on the chat application. I definitely did not name the group "Paris Gellars." I have to laugh at my creativity for that one.

What did y'all not do this week?


Faith said...

Lol. Paris Gellars. I would NEVER take you as a bipolar person.

Hannah Noel said...

I did not eat frozen coolwhip last night. And I'm definitely not finishing off the tub right now...

shopannies said...

wow applying for a job you would never take