"How Very Urban"

Tonight, as all my fellow Grey's junkies know, was THE season finale of all season finales. Last year we found Meredith outlining a house with candles, tonight we found those two lovebirds marrying on a blue Post-It courtesy of Yang, which I admit was very sweet and cute... very MerDer.

We all knew Izzie would die somehow since Katherine Heigl was leaving the show in real life. But I won't lie, I had a glimmer of hope that the media industry led us askew just for those high ratings. But no, she died after her memory came back together (after the worst b**** fest from Alex, but whatever, couples have those moments...) which was uber depressing. Then George was Mr. John Doe, who died on the table. Yes, I held the tears til then. Although, Karev collapsing in the corner didn't help the tears at all.

I didn't get to 30 Rock, but I found my fave line in a scene between Kenneth and Tracy (see title of blogisode.) I still can't believe Pam's pregnant in The Office, but Dwight's buddy put me in stitches.


To answer the questions two of y'all asked: yes, I do have celiac disease. It's chronic, doesn't go away, and is around forever. Til the day I die, unless Z comes up with that magic pill. I won't go in details, y'all can read it here. Ask more questions, I'll always answer!

Second, the siblings. There's three of us B- children. I won't disclose the last name for security purposes :) There's an almost exact 12.5 year gap between my sister (H) and I, no one between. My brother (M) came after H 2 years later. No, it was not on purpose. No, my parents did not plan it that way. God did, and why? I'm not sure. Although, M gives this family a lot of energy :) and the sibling arguments keeps everyone on their toes.

Ok, now that I sound like a couch potato between American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, AND 30 Rock, I'm thinking I need to start doing something more... healthy. Like, renew my three books from the library for the third time. Mhmm... thank goodness I can do it online :)

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mrosev14 said...

Hey Lauren, I've studied celiac disease in school, it sucks. I am sorry you have it. Hopefully they will find some drug that makes your day to day life a bit easier.

On to more fun stuff, oh Grey's!! It was terribly said. I didn't like how nasty Alex got with her, it was a bit much. I know every couple argues, but damn...that was rough. It was sad that they both died, when he said 007, I freak!! I was saying to myself "007, 007...oh crap!" I will admit, I cried. I personally loved last weeks more. The wedding how personal and surprising it was was perfect. :)