The Dark Horse Reigns

It was the finale of all finales last night on A.I. I am still recovering from Kris winning. I thought for sure that Adam would win, because that's just how it goes. Yet, the Dark Horse came through, and honestly, I think he was a little more shocked than me.

It was my favorite Idol finale for the following reasons:

  1. David Cook. Handsome, gorgeous, amazing voice, enough said.
  2. Keith Urban (insert sigh here for his gorgeousness) and Kris singing Kiss a Girl together. I was all over it and said to mom, "he should have sang this last night! Then he'd win!"
  3. The bleep of Black Eyed Peas during their performance. Did anyone else notice when all of the sudden, we were looking at an American Idol sign, no singing, just that for all of 5 seconds?
  4. Norman winning an award (was the guy's real name Nick Mitchell?) Hysterical. By the way, be patient, I'm saving the best for last.
  5. That awful Tatiana. Was that whole segment set up and acted or real? I still can't tell. That whole audience was baffle, I think.
  6. Adam finding out that no, he did not win, the title was not handed to him. Instead, a huge plate of humble pie was given to him :)
  7. Finally... Kara putting down the Bikini Girl. I was tempted to write un-edifying names, but I resisted. This was the best part of the entire night. I was (in Simon's words) completely and utterly disgusted with B.G. totally, so annoyed with her, and almost changed the channel until.... well, Kara came out. Priceless. Loved it. Love Kara. She rocked. see video below

For the record, I think I texted "vote" to Kris' line 40 times in a row... I think... 4o times.

Update (as of 5:09 CDT): By the way, Fox made the video come down, I found this out... pretty depressing.

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Zach said...

The Tatiana thing had to've been a joke. :] If they really wanted to they could have cut her mic, security could have tackled her, or they would've just gone straight to commercials. lol I watched it last night I thought that part was pretty funny. :P And of course, Norman was hilarious.