Life is Good

Last night was my sister's dance recital. Adorable, loved it, and wished I was still dancing (yes, really.) The whole recital shabang was a flashback to the days of pins going in my head, costume fittings, rehearsals, you get the picture. Of course, after my picture downloading session tonight, I had fun with Picasa. Here's some pictures :)

Miss Nat, H, and Miss Emma


The Nurses :) soooo dang cute

caught mid-dance during intermission

Post-Recital. Love this picture
The whole recital was based off covers of Life magazine. Hannah was in two dances, Pennies from Heaven and In the Mood (plus the finale). The picture with the nurse costumes is In the Mood, based off the picture from V-Day of the sailor kissing the nurse (love that picture.) Not sure what Pennies from Heaven was based off of, but it was my favorite dance (due to the costume.)

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