Not Me! Monday

Ah yes, Not Me. The time where Wolverines, along with MckMama, share what they have "not" done this week, because no one in their right mind would admit to such embarassing stories. Ahem. Let's begin, shall we?

My heart did not stop when Kris Allen won American Idol. No, I'm not so wrapped up with it that my heart would stop. It's not like I voted a million times for him Tuesday night. C'mon, please... ok maybe 40.

I did not love a song from my sister's recital finale so much that I Googled the lyrics that I could remember to find out who sang it. It did not take me 20 minutes to find it (it was a mix, so it wasn't all one song, just clips.) I was not shocked when I found out it was the Spice Girls (and I didn't crack up when Hannah was dancing everywhere to the mysterious song, so I did not get a picture of it.)

I am not relieved to finally know that my application was not accepted at Disney. Oddly, I'm not ok with it. I don't have so much going on, taking a break for a semester from school would not have been hard on me. Maybe I will not try to find a new job now.

I have not started doing a countdown on my Facebook status for my trip to Georgia on Friday. I'm not excited one eensy weensy bit. I'm not planning outfits in my head at all... and not laughing at mom's statement today about footstools and such.

Hope y'all had a great week, and have an even better one this week :)


Zach said...

Footstools indeed. You are entering the land of the giants. :]

I'm sad your application didn't work out. I know you would have loved that. Everything's going to turn out okay though.

Faithfully Yours said...

Sorry about Disney :(. That just means that bigger and better things will happen this semester! I can believe you voted for Kris 40 times! Have i told you that I've only watched 3 episodes of American Idol my whole life?