Over the Rainbow

From the couch (where I'm watching BBC's Pride and Prejudice)

There was an odd storm tonight- it didn't rain at our house but everywhere else. Coming home from school I was literally driving into a storm. Anyway. Now the sun's out, but looking out the front of the house, there were two huge rainbows. The second one was really faint and you probably can't see it in this picture, but you can see the other one. It was bright!

In other news, Summer 2009 started today. My physical science class should be a breeze (let's hope) since we're not studying rocks (apparently my instructor hates rocks and prefers the solar system and weather. Pre-calculus is tomorrow at 12:30, then orientation for my distance education Sociology class.

My trip to GA is 36 hours away, I'm totally excited. Speaking of which, I need to remind my co- teacher that I won't be in town this weekend for Sunday School. On it!

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mrosev14 said...

Good luck with summer classes. I can't wait until my classes are done! I hope you have a wonderful trip to GA.