Not Me Sunday Monday

It's Not Me! Sunday Monday, courtesy of the bloggin' mama herself, MckMama. She created this blog carnival as a theraputic way to admit what we Wolverines did not do this week. Ahem. Have fun reading :)

I did not renew my three library books for the second time at 11:59 pm online Wednesday, one minute before they were due, thus checking them out 3 times.

I did not want to correct a guy I overheard telling his friends that he didn't want to date anyone whose name was a noun. I could definitely tell that this was a sign I am going in the right career field. One of those rules I learned in 2nd grade: a noun is a person, place, or thing. I did not want to say "well I don't date guys whose names are adjectives, either."

I did not want to chuck my coffee ice cream at the television when Danny was sent home on A.I. I am secretly not praying that Adam doesn't win this week.

I did not think I was going to die after the mexican food obviously did not agree with me Friday night. Somehow what I thought was heartburn became... well, something else. Praying that I make it to the bathroom to throw up is not my idea of 4 am fun. So after such a fun night, I slept all day yesterday, off and on. I'm glad to report that my appetite is back in full force :) maybe that's not a good thing...

As I write my Not Me! on Sunday, I'm not eating the rest of my Mocha Frappucino ice cream and listening to iTunes, wondering why can't life be like this everyday? Especially when I'm getting down to Britney Spears and Black Eyed Peas (like, 2004 Spears and B.E.P... not 2009)


Leah said...

What great Not Me's! Poor Danny, I think it's wishful thinking to hope that Adam won't win. *darn him!
Anyway, I'm here to invite you to jump over to www.sillylittlesparrow.com tomorrow morning to play along with the Toot Your Horn Tuesday posts. It's a great follow-up to this Not Me Monday carnival. Just TRUTHFULLY list all the GREAT things you've done in the past week. Hope you can play!

Ashley said...

I am NOT secretly hoping Adams loses as well!

Great not me's!!