Happiness is...*

  • coffee first thing in the morning
  • pink, sparkly nail polish
  • Starbucks (preferably a triple non-fat vanilla latte)
  • having a brother who's nutty enough to stick his head through the sun roof
  • having a sister who's more of a teenager than I ever was
  • watching babies every Tuesday morning
  • waking up to texts from my second favorite person :)
  • Friday night girl time
  • road trips
  • the beach
  • unlimited texting
  • Vera Bradley
  • comments on my blog :)
  • McDreamy
  • Hydrangeas
  • the thought of going to Italy (someday)

*in a non-specific order


mrosev14 said...

Happiness is definitely McDreamy and Vera Bradley, sigh. I think it might be time for a new bag.

Ashley said...

Love happiness is... (as evidenced by my weekly happiness is post, haha)

McDreamy is definitely happiness... so are comments, and road trips, and the beach, and thoughts of going to Italy :)

Love the picture of you and your brother... so cute!