a "C"

I want y'all to know just how happy I am right now. I have been tossing/turning since 6 exactly so I figured that I'd just check my grades to see if they'd come in yet. 2 out of the 3 did... an A in Music Appreciation and a C in Finite Mathematics. I'm very, very happy with that grade. I think the fact that I told him countless times that I needed a C to pass might've helped, but maybe I actually did well on that final... hmm. Now I want to know what kind of C it is. Like, low C or high C?

I had quite the interesting night last night. Jessica and I had girls' night. I needed to go to the mall to get something so we headed to Bridge Street, the most amazing mall that's cool when I'm not working there (this is where Gymboree is.) I was joking about this guy that my hairdresser tried to put me with back in January and how if I ran into him I would have to fix the moon's position so he could talk to me... that's another story for another time. J and I were walking down the strip/alley whatever you call it, and I was telling her a story that was cracking the bejeezus out of her that was taking all my attention. So when this 6'3" guy just stands in front of me and I just about walked into him, I get with it and realize just who it is. Somehow, I did not do as I planned. After thinking "I'm so glad I look hot" (ok, not hot, but... well anyway) I said, "Jess this is Mark." Eyebrows lifted and everything. She goes, "oooooooh Mark!" Mhmm. Let me say that Audrey Hepburn would be very proud of me. There's so many more things I could say; but, when given the chance, I made fun of him for planning to go see Star Trek. Then I walked away.

But it gets better. After this bump-in, we had a bump-in with J's... something. I have no good name for him. We'll go with Oopsie. Thankfully, we didn't walk straight into him, but she saw him and pulled me over the other side of the alley. Again, I was mid-sentence and had no clue where the heck I was going. But alas, we arrived in Anthropologie and I went on a ramble how I wanted everything from the store, live in a cute bungalow, and have a cute life. I wish.

To top the night off, we ventured to Applebee's where the lovely waiter informed Jess that he could "hook her up" with a drink if she wanted. I was like, "I'm DD so do whatever." She hopped on that bandwagon fast. So here's the pics. I only took an eensy weensy sip, and she informed me that it didn't effect her at all, for which she was ticked. No, he didn't make it a virgin either, I tasted the alcohol in it :)

Please notice the newly painted nails... I wish I had a pic of my toes because they're cuuuuute. I got my nails done, and the color I went after was "Met on the Internet." Pink and sparkly, it's a winner. I love all OPI's vampy names :)

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mrosev14 said...

Sounds like a very eventful afternoon. I like the nails and love OPI's names!

As far as Anthropologie goes, I love that store, but do not love their prices. I sometimes get some good things on sale, which is fun.