Recap by Moi

Let me tell y'all how much I loved the Grey's Anatomy tonight: I had tears. No, they did not amount to my mother's, but they were there. Did I have a feeling that Izzie and Alex would get married? Yes. It was her dream wedding. Did it make me choke up? Yes. Could I have gone w/out the Arizona/Callie drama? Yes. Did I get irritated with the FIVE minute commercial breaks? Heck yes (just ask this guy, he should know :))


Let's go to The Office, shall we? In Z's words, yes, it was golden. I cracked up the whole way through, Dwight treating Phyllis like a horse almost put me in stitches, but the receptionist has. got.to. go. But, I sensed chemistry between Kelly and Andy; Angela switching her foot at the end was priceless; but I think that Dwight, nasty wife beater and all, won the best acting prize tonight.

I'm kicking myself because I forgot to record 30 Rock, but that's why NBC puts it online, no?

In other news, I'm taking a personal vaca to Middle Georgia at the end of the month :) I'm very excited, I have a 6 hour car ride to myself, 5 if I time it just right :) Can't wait!


Zach said...

lol nice Thursday night recap. The Office beats Grey's Anatomy every week. Why would you want to cry watching a show instead of laugh watching a show? :D

Permberly said...

We're girls, we laugh and cry...sometimes at the same time.

(Note: We cried, then laughed. We do things right)

mrosev14 said...

I loved the Grey's...it made me cry so hard. I called my boyfriend and was trying to explain to him why it was so sad which was a lost cause!

Are you literally excited about a 5 hour drive, because if I had said that it would have been with a ton of sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

I could not stop laughing while Dwight was treating Phyllis as a horse...how do they write these things up?!