I Need a Happy Pill

I'm feeling way down right now. The whole spa high lasted for a couple hours, until I opened my math book after and felt bluer than a blueberry. I can only pray that I passed my math class right now; that I scored well on my final, because I have a solid 70 in that class. Hey, at least I'm passing, right? I made it clear to my instructor what my desired grade was, that was all I could do, right?

To top it off, I hate how "behind" I am. Everyone I know that was in my graduating year is going on to their junior year in the Fall. Ok, a couple people but still... I'm feeling like a failure for some crazy and odd reason. Yes, I'm one semester behind, not bad, but still, it feels like an eternity away. It's close, but it's so far at the same time. Ten hours this summer, fifteen in the fall... I'm gonna need a ton of patience and probably will even need to drop a job. Argh.

To top it all off, I was almost rear-ended tonight on my way home. Long story short, a car almost (again) plowed into me when I was at a dead stop. Talk about some bad deja vu from last summer. The offending car came within centimeters of my car, not even kidding, so I'm glad that my car is still in one piece (no more collateral was what was going through my head) and that I'm alive. I can't handle anymore wrecks.

Y'all would never know that I went to see my skin's heroine today or got a haircut, either, after the way my day went. I know it could be a whole lot worse, I do. But the good news is that tomorrow's a new day, I only have my CIS final tomorrow and then I'm free until the end of the month to do whatever I want :)


Zach said...

:] I'm glad you didn't get hit. That would have been horrible.

Permberly said...

Yep, yesterday bad...Today...a tornado??? No power for hair drying or straightening...do you want to go back to yesterday or just see what TOMORROW brings?

Hannah Noel said...

Dang, you need some chocolate BAD!!

I'm a semester being too, and now that I'm taking a semester off in between bases with Mr. AF I'll be a whole year behind! ugh.

mrosev14 said...

Sounds like a sucky day, sorry to hear.

I can relate to you feeling behind. My graduating class (if I stayed on target from HS) would have been 2008, but I went and studied deaf education for 2 years before I decided to start studying nursing. Long story sort, I wont graduate until next May and I feel a bit bad about it. But you know what, it is what it is, and at least I know I am graduating with a degree I love.