My 3 pm Euphoria

Yesterday I went to meet with the advisor for the college I'm transferring to once I get my pre-requisites out of the way. I wanted to see what all I needed to take, what's knocked off my list, if I need to get my Associates, etc. She started going down my transcript, checking off each class, figuring out what I took my sequence in, and then telling me that I don't need geography and P.E. I wanted to dance when she told me that.

So that left me with three classes in the fall and not having enough hours to be declared a full time student. I looked at how many hours I had (11) and knew what the solution was. I asked if there was anyway I could take a class at Athens State to get the full term status, and she said that I could take Intro to Elementary Education I. I wanted to do a dance. My first "big kid" college class. A class that starts with a 3. I sound like a dork, but it's true.

And this was my 3pm Eurphoria.


mrosev14 said...

That's exciting, congrats! I hope you enjoy your fall classes, especially your intro to elementary ed.

Dee Dee said...

That #3 really is an exciting thing. It means you're really on your way! Now, is this Athens, GA?

Hannah Noel said...

I love the big kid classes. That's where you make a ton of friends, cause they're in all the other big kid classes you end up taking.

Congrats on this big step in your college life ;)