Mas Maize

As my readers know (I hope) I hit the road for what I found out was the most eventful, exhilirating, crazy weekend I think I've ever lived. If the pictures don't speak for me, it's just plain sad.

Let's begin:

Friday I arrived, had Korean food for the first time and it was delish. I wanted more the next day because it was so. freaking. good. Now I know why Z would go nuts everytime he'd tell me about it. Now I want some chicken bulgogi. Afterwards, there were major laughs to be had, such as Z running around the neighborhood and me spitting out my drink at the word "sphincter." I also went and saw my old house that I used to live at (this is how I met the crazy Roberts clan :)) which I hate to say is not getting the amount of attention that it used to get. I also started a habit of yelling "CORN!" everytime I saw it. I even took a picture for y'all!

corn field

my old house: 228 Waterford Dr.

Saturday we hung around the house, ran errands, and went out on a date :) We saw Up! in 3D, which was sad but cute at the same time. Big news though: Toy Story 3 is coming to a theatre near you June 2010!

Sunday was church. Saving the pool vacuum from the bottom of the pool (duh, L, they could've figured that out), making candy, getting chinese, and going out on the golf course.

Luke taste-testing the depression candy

I think Z and I were having way.too.much.fun.

Of course, Sunday night included the walk on the golf course, and yes, I have one picture that I love, he probably hates, but that's ok.


mrosev14 said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I love the pictures and wish I knew how to make candy. :)

Zach said...

I had so much fun, you don't even know. I was surprised at how slow the weekend felt it was going while you were here but now that you're gone, I think it flew by. :P And yeah, I don't like that last picture. lol

Hannah Noel said...

lol that picture is hilarious.

Depression candy sounds good.
I loooooove corn.

And I really want to see Up, and I've been dying to see Toy Story 3 since I heard about it months ago!!!