Not Me! Monday!

It's Not me Monday! Thanks to MckMama, who dishes on what she doesn't (but really does, it's just super cheap therapy) do every week, it's become quite the hip thing to do among the Wolverine pack of bloggers :) Allow me to begin...

First of all, I just want y'all to know that this blog is not being posted on a Monday night when it is normally posted by Monday mornings and for which, I honestly have no apology for :) See, I did not drive back from a whirlwind weekend of craziness in GA that I am still reeling on. Ahem. Allow me to begin.

This week, I did count down to Georgia every.single.day. I did not wake up and think "two days... one day... 6 hours..." like a nut case. Or a kid who's waiting on Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve. Nooo, I do not think my level of enthusiasm was higher than a kid waiting on presents or birthdays and such.

I did not resist hopping on the exit for Hartsfield Int'l when I drove by it both Friday and today. Fyi, I just want to declare I told you so (see previous blogisode if you're not confused :].) I did not know this would happen to me. Somehow, the smell of jet fuel does not equal freedom and fun to me. I do not think all the times that I've flown are to blame for this. I declared to mom that I am my father's daughter because I do not love to fly and will not fly anywhere just because I want to.

When I was heading back home today, I did not yell words that some people would not approve when I realized that the exit for I-20 was on the far right and not the left. Explanation will be in the next blogisode (that's full of pictures and such.)

Oh and I did not end up realizing that the capitol building was right next to me when I was in downtown Atlanta (when I was supposed to be on I-20.) I told y'all story's coming.

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