Does anyone remember the one-hit-wonder group SoulDecision? They had a single back in 2000 ( I think, I had to rack my brain) that was playing on the radio today. Mind you, this was not the first time I've heard it; in fact, I've heard it quite a few times lately. I never knew that I would hear "Faded" again... it came out in the days where I hadn't had braces yet, had just started the awkward stage of life called puberty, just moved to Ohio, and was just straight up awkward (don't get me started on my fashion sense.) Anyway, so driving home from class earlier, it came on and I felt like a preteen again. Not fun, especially considering that in 27 days I'll be turning 20!

Also, last night, while I was sleeping, two major things happened. I'll share one. Imagine waking up, going to check Blogger and you see that your mom blogged. Ordinary most times, last night's was in its own realm- it was a blog about my dad's job search. Apparently, he is looking at a job out in California where we used to live at one time when we were still active duty. It involves planes and such, he'd be happy (maybe) but that requires uprooting. Now, there's no way I'd go at all whatsoever with college and such, but my mom was not happy at all this morning about the hunt.

Now that I think about it, I never did write about why he's searching for a new job. Thanks to our now-dumpy Department of Defense, they cancelled the missle program my dad was working on. He was gone all the time, worked 'round the clock (seriously) until, without warning, the bomb of a decision was dropped last month. So this is why my dad is now looking for a new job.

I have to laugh, because it feels like we're active duty again, where the motto was "Home is where the Air Force sends you." Yes, lovely. But we'll see how it turns out...

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