Could it get more complicated?

Honestly, Facebook... let's get MORE complicated. Usernames? Sending email after email to try and confirm an email/join a network? Seriously? Guess y'all can figure out what I've been doing tonight, can't ya?

See, I wanted to join ASU's network since I got my acceptance/email, etc. So I tried... and succeeded thirty minutes later when it really should have taken 3 minutes. Really. I was getting very irritated. So finally, after going back and forth between email accounts, it got taken care of.

But is a "username" really worth the pain? This isn't Myspace... this is Facebook.

In other news, I'm guessing y'all figured out I have a boyfriend... I hope. Seeing as I traveled 6 hours to Georgia and everything :) but yes, it's official. I'm going back down the day after my birthday (which, btw, is THREE weeks away) for the 4th of July. I can't wait.

oh, you can go see him here ;)


mrosev14 said...

Aw, I went and read his post about this weekend and it seems like he loved having you there. How did you meet him with you being in Alabama and him in Georgia?

Elle said...

I'll have to write a blog about that, I guess! It's a funny story :)

Hannah Noel said...

I know, when I saw we were getting Usernames I was just kinda like... this really sucks. Like, really. Why? What's wrong with MY name? That's a major thing that set facebook apart. No usernames! lame.

Oooh le boyfriend!