I'm Here!

I swear, I am alive. If you follow me on Twitter (all three of you) y'all know I'm alive and kickin'. No, I did not write a Not Me Monday. I didn't have the energy to write it and honestly couldn't remember the contents either. I was too consumed in all things regarding precalculus and sociology (and still am.)

Yes, my summer is far from relaxing. I have until tomorrow to go take my sociology exam. Knowing me, I'll go at 2:30 tomorrow (testing center turns away students at 5.)

In other news, I got my first official sunburn of the summer yesterday. I have funny strap marks on my back from my bikini, it's a little bow. Really funny. I'd show y'all but I'm not a fan of exposing myself like that.

I'll write more later, I promise!


AnshuRam said...

u look beautiful in the pic.:)

mrosev14 said...

I am with you, school sucks!

Hopefully your summer semester will be over soon and you can enjoy the rest of your summer (without the sunburns). :)

Good luck on your exam tomorrow.