Not Me! Monday!

Ever done something where you say to yourself "I can't believe I just did that" and tell yourself to never let a soul know you did it? Have no fear, MckMama and gang are here! Since MckMama likes to tell us every Monday what she did didn't do last week, we all do it too :) All of us being her Wolverines.

Last week, I did not forget that I had a facial appointment for Tuesday scheduled during the middle of my math class. Of course this didn't occur to me in the middle of getting lost in Atlanta, and with my luck, the salon is not closed on Mondays. I did not take my chances and call them, leave a message, and hope they got the message that I wouldn't be there.

I was not asked last week at Gymboree if I was pregnant. I didn't want to reach across the counter and slap the lady when she asked me that. Apparently, not yawning and not being "out of it" while being bugged about whether the watermelon line or mermaid line looked better is not allowed. I did not automatically look down to make sure I didn't have a belly, then did not tell the lady, "no, I'm not pregnant. Far from it actually," and did not plaster on a smile. Oh, and after she left, my manager did not have a field day with the comment.

I shockingly did not agree to pull a double at Jason's Friday night when they asked me to. The girl who was supposed to work did not call out (for the 4th night in a row) and the manager did not come and ask me, puppy dog eyes and all. When I left, I did not feel miserable, did not complain, and did not moan about having to go back twelve hours later for another miserable 6 hour shift.

Hope y'all have a great week and tell what you didn't do last week:)

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