Billy Jean

Either subconciously or thanks to Fox News, that great single from the late Michael Jackson keeps playing over and over in my head. High notes and all. It's kind of driving me nuts now. That along with "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Somehow, the image of Ramone doing his strip tease is stuck in my head when I think about that song (if you've seen The Proposal, you'd understand.)

In other news, I'm being a bum tonight. I was supposed to go out with Miss Faith but it obviously wasn't meant to be since while I was showering off the scent of Jason's Deli and thinking about how exhausted I was, Faith texted and said that her car wasn't working and the other girl had to unexpectedly babysit. Phew. We agreed that we'd both fall asleep in the midst of the movie we were going to see anyway.

After leaving the evil workplace, I dropped off Where the Heart Is at the library. Highly recommend it, by the way. Turns out I owed them more money (go figure, they're making profit off this girl.) Picked up two more books though. I've become a bookworm this summer. So far I've read:
  • The Wedding
  • The Choice
  • At First Sight
  • Dear John
  • A Walk to Remember
  • Where the Heart Is
  • Love the One You're With
Right now, that's all I can remember. Mind you, it's only June. I can put a book away FAST. In fact, I need to start making a list of my reads. I picked up a book by Lauren Weisberger a couple weeks ago but was having a bad case of deja vu... when I realized I've already read it. Ha. Mom suggested making a list... I think I'm going to go with her idea.

and yes, I loved them all. Even though I had moral convictions about someone leaving their spouse in Nicholas Sparks' works. Ahem.


Faith said...

All those books are fantastic! My mom gets those Reader's Digest books, and usually there's a Nicholas Sparks one in there! You should read My Sister's Keeper before you go see the movie. I'm almost done with it. It's wonderful.

Faith said...

Oh yeah, I'm not sure if you lived in Alabama when Where the Heart is came out, but it was a HUGE hit and we all called it "The Wal-Mart movie."

mrosev14 said...

Which book does someone leave their spouse? In the Notebook it is her fiancee. I have read most of those books and love them!! Love Nicholas Sparks, happy reading. I am going to bulk up my reading list when I am home next week and my Mama wants to buy some books. :) I really hope you enjoyed your lazy evening, they are the best!