Living the High Life

Tonight I got out of my usual routine and went to a church ladies' discussion. What I was expecting (go figure) didn't turn out like I expected... in fact it was for the better.

I learned a lot. Talked, which is no surprise. But I went, talked, did my thing because it was in my "norm." The discussion was about being single. What life's like without a significant other tying you down, being without a partner, living life.

We were asked to give the first word that popped in our head when we heard the word single. I said freedom. From there I elaborated (not all at once.) I talked about how when I was in my last long term relationship, I learned a lot about who I was. How now, my "current" relationship is more with school- classes, homework, and having that goal of being a teacher. While it is all about me, at the same time, it isn't all about me. I talked about how I learned last fall to just give it up to God, how he's in control. When something doesn't work out, it obviously just wasn't meant to be. The list goes on.

It was comforting hearing that I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like she needs a man. How I'm not the only independent one, even though I feel like I am too independent at times. It was comforting to hear that I can never be too picky. It was nice being able to put myself out there to more than one woman (like I usually do.) It was nice hearing that I'm not the only one who battles with things that one shouldn't battle with (in the ideal, perfect world.) I even cracked a joke about how nice it must be to be in Sex and the City and live this "fabulous life"... if only it were real. Anyway.

Word is on the street's that this gal just might be attending more of this series... even if the next meeting is being married with kids. Who knows ;)

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mrosev14 said...

That sounds like it was a good devotional tonight. I wish I had a church I belonged to. It really is my fault that I haven't found one, honestly haven't looked very hard.

I hope you keep going weekly and keep posting what the sessions were about. :)