Haha, Bigfoot fools

Lazy days are amazing. I'm just watching tv and laughing at the fools who fell for buying the Bigfoot scam. TLC is better because of all the baby shows and what not :) I'm a sucker for those.
I don't feel guilty for being lazy; I walked with my brother for his "homework" for Pre-K. Then I went hiking with Matt... that was fun. We originally went just for seeing the sunset, but ended up hiking about 4 miles. Man am I sore this morning! It was fun though.. I told my sister we'd take her sometime when we have the day off :)
Work was crazy yesterday; the most I've been confused as to what's going on, especially at Gymboree! Somehow, the "potential new manager" was working and decided she'd do her own thing instead of what NEEDED to be done... leaving our store looking like a bomb went off, not even kidding. When I walked in I stopped and wanted to say, "What have you done to the store?!?!?" I was about to call our store manager and double check that she knew what was going on... the p.n.m claimed she called Deborah. But I beg to differ because the store manager would never agree to what went on.

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