My peeves of the week

Oh Lawd. Where do I start? I've done my best to keep the filter; it MUST come off because I want to scream.

1. Why do people say one thing and do another? Example: one friend tells me "I'm not going to party this year; I want to stay focused on school." She's been to three parties that I know of... so is she saying something and doing another? Or does she not have a backbone and not know how to say no to friends who have it their way or the highway?

2. New managers who act higher than you when in reality, they have no clue what they're doing. AGH! Oh, the little wave off here, the "here, let ME help you" when I am actually doing great with the customer. And if I have to hear about Macy's just one more time, I honestly think I am going to scream.

3. Communication. Honesty. Respect. Easy things in a relationship, right? No, wrong. I'm not just talking about my relationship- all relationships in general, one specifc I've just learned about. I mean, wow... a white lie about how good your significant other looks is one thing. Lying about a party you know the signifcant other would reasonably not approve of? Now that's another...

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