a new toy I found

This toy is amazing. Now, to use it, you have to have blogspot. But I highly recommend it, especially my mother... they have scrapbook backgrounds :) AMAZING! http://http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/background.php?id=458

Anywho, I think my crafty days are coming. Not like "crafty" as in Hobby Lobby and Michael's, just organization, cleaning, etc. I want my mom to keep her subscription to "Real Simple" because of the awesome ideas regarding all things home... etiquette, decorating, organizing, cooking- I'm not sure why. I've always been semi-revolted to the idea of being a "Becky-Home-Ecky" but I can't help myself! It's creeping on me. There's even an APRON I want from Anthropologie in Bridge Street... now that's Becky-ing hard core. I don't cook enough to warrant it, that's for sure. I can't get enough of watching "Everyday Italian" and "Barefoot Contessa" either. Ok, so Ina can get really condescending baking her blueberry scones, I'm not going to lie at all- she lives in my house (in the Hamptons no less), has ooodles of hydrangea bushes, AND has my kitchen. So yeah, I'm creeping myself out with all this homemaker stuff :)

maybe it's been there all along and now that I'm getting older and more "serious" it's coming out (I can hear my mom laughing at this statement)? I haven't a clue. Or maybe because, should that day ever come, I want to be able to impress my Honey with my mad kitchen and cleaning skills and not drive him away... let's be honest, right now, he's the winner at keeping his habitat clean.

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