Is it fall yet?

I'm so ready for fall to come. Enough of the summer already. Granted, fall comes with college which this semester involves american literature, mathematical applications, principles of biology (ugh), and world history I. I'm feeling encouraged because I'm a sophomore this year and going to Athens is getting closer; but at the same time, I don't understand why I have to take MORE prerequisites in math and science than I did in nursing at UAH. Explain that to me. It makes no sense, especially once I graduate and make $30,000 less than a registered nurse! Oh well, I'll be happy at least, right?

Back to fall. I'm ready for it. I have it on my agenda to go back to Chattanooga when the leaves start changing colors because I wanna see it SO bad, especially Lookout Mountain. I miss the North just for this reason- New England and D.C. were gorgeous in October. It was cool and everything. Alabama's not really the state to go to when you want to experience fall. Oh well... I still can't wait for it. Enough with the humidity already!

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