One more day...

My Divine Miss Emily is back in Huntsville :) she came and stayed over last night. Even though we went to bed at like, 10 (this is what happens when you get old), we had giggle fest, compared food to stuff, talked boys (nothing bad), and talked about our hysterical Logan. I loved it.

Right now though, my siblings are arguing over who gets to hold her Mr. Heffalump.

About the title, that's how long until I see my Lover again :-) I can do it! I was supposed to call him last night, I dozed off. I woke up at 1 and was like, "oh no!!!!!!" But he comes home soon. From what I understand, he didn't have the BEST trip he could've had, but it's the beach for him so hopefully he's happy :-) I think this week was good for us to just step back, think about our relationship, what we want.. and the outcome's been what we've wanted- we miss each other like crazy.

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